No bad mood to eat

Depression, is a key word worldwide in recent years. Speaking of it, people think that there is something wrong with the nerves or the brain.

However, scientific research has found that depression may be directly associated with bacteria in the gut. Don’t have the bad mood that can’t eat out?

Depression turns out to be a “gastrointestinal disorder.”

“The Secret of the gut”

The “secret” of the gut is another brain. Yes, you are right, the human body really has 2 brains. There is one in the head and one in the belly.

Studies have shown that the gut has an independent gut nervous system, which is embedded in the gut wall and controls the digestive movement.

Moreover, it can work independently, but also with the head of the brain to cooperate, affect our mood.

It can be argued that our subconscious “intuition” requires the involvement of the gut nervous system, but what really controls our behavior is the head of the brain. You may feel that the gut is not “thinking”, but the gut nervous system is actually affecting the body’s response.

Moreover, it plays a more important role in the physical and mental health of human beings.

Digestion is a long and complex process that requires the involvement of the nervous system in order to control the amount of food consumed and the category of food consumed. Everyone eats a variety of food every day, inevitably mixed with “impurities”.

Each neuron of the intestinal nervous system must be well-monitored to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the interior of the body. Therefore, when eating unclean food, in the abdomen, the intestinal nervous system will presses diarrhea, in the head of the brain, will presses vomiting reaction.

Two “brains” work together to pull up the body’s stress system to protect the body’s health. Don’t have the bad mood that can’t eat out?

Depression turns out to be a “gastrointestinal disorder.”

“How intestinal bacteria cause depression”

Let’s go back to the question itself, how does the gut specifically ferment the storm of depression? The scientists found that depression, anxiety and several pediatric illnesses, including autism and ADHD, were associated with gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Specifically, intestinal inflammation is the root cause of depression.

In fact, the intestinal nervous system is also associated with a variety of other brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Researchers at the University of Frankfurt, Germany, found that the “levy small Body”, which causes cell loss, is not only present in the brain, but also in the gut.

Similarly, plaques or tangles found in the brains of Alzheimer patients also exist in the gut neurons. and depression, clinically found that patients without other diseases, C-reactive protein, IL-6, tumor necrosis factor-α and other inflammatory indicators will rise.

With probiotics “conditioning gastrointestinal”, but also can improve depressive symptoms.

It can be seen that depression is so related to the gut. So, if you want to treat depression, it’s better to move towards improving your gut health.

Here are some things that can help depressed patients reduce “bad” bacteria and develop “good” bacteria in the gut. Don’t have the bad mood that can’t eat out?

Depression turns out to be a “gastrointestinal disorder.”

“Five measures to improve bowel health” When unhappy, many people will be angry for the appetite, which has indeed a scientific basis. Because diet can improve intestinal health, inhibit depressive symptoms.

In other words, improving your gut is about improving your mood.

1. Eat more natural food

Natural food, refers to the growth in nature, unprocessed or processed less food, they do not contain a variety of preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial pigments, nutrition and health coexist, food is beneficial harmless.

2. Eat less processed food such as margarine (ice cream, cakes, etc.), margarine (chocolate pie, biscuits, salad dressing, etc.), artificial seafood food (fish balls, shrimp balls, crab sticks, etc.), artificial processed meat (ham sausage, bacon, beef and other) and so on.

These chemicals are added to the food, not only to reduce the nutritional value, but also eat more harmful health. Don’t have the bad mood that can’t eat out?

Depression turns out to be a “gastrointestinal disorder.”

3. Eat more fat and protein A mention of fat, girls may pinch up the flesh of the body, said there are many, do not need it? Ha, fat, fat, daily or need to eat a certain amount of fat, to reserve energy for you.

For example, chicken, nuts, oily fish, and so on, these are important protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals sources, eat more health benefits.

4, to ensure adequate vitamin D Vitamin D is an important substance in the development and functioning of the brain, vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to emotional disorders, but is detrimental to the treatment of depression.

Daily Sun, eat some fortified grains, bread, juice, milk, etc., can guarantee the full intake of vitamin D.

5, as far as possible do not eat health care Can only say, supplements, health care products are not cheap.

Instead of buying all kinds of expensive supplements, check out the nutritional content of all kinds of food, eat the food that contains it, and meet your daily nutritional needs through healthy eating habits. The cause of depression is a variety of, gastrointestinal “feeling” may be one. When you are depressed, try to eat your favorite food, not eat the bad mood. Eat well, the mood will be revived.