nutrient is the highest that anyone can eat

Discuss the nutritional value of chickens, ducks and geese which is high, in other words, which is the most complementary to the human body.

However, the nutritional adjustment of chickens, ducks and geese have their own characteristics, and they are not uniform.

The truth: Chicken supplementation is not for everyone

Chicken sex taste clearing, can wenzhong spleen, Benefit Qi nourishing blood, tonifying kidney fills the essence.

After illness, Qi deficiency, spleen and stomach weak, can be a hen, radix codonopsis 15 grams, 15 grams of angelica, cooked together rotten, seasoning, divided into edible.

Kidney deficiency fine, tinnitus deafness, impotence, enuresis, etc., can use a rooster, ginger amount, rice wine and water, cooked, seasoned hot food.

Chinese Medicine believes that the rooster sex is yang, strong warming effect, suitable for yang deficiency of the people of the weak, hens is yin, more suitable for yin Qi damaged maternal, frail and long causative agent empty people eat.

Chicken supplementation is not everyone’s go

such as uremia patients, because the chicken protein is high and should not eat more, fever patients or stomach heat noisy patients, because of the chicken sexual temperature and avoid food.

Body fat, fatty liver, severe dermatosis patients should eat less or avoid food, gout patients avoid drinking chicken soup.

It is not advisable to eat more chickens if the patients are not clear about the Heat syndrome, positive evidence and evil poison in TCM.

Truth two: Duck meat, both yin and heat Duck meat taste sweet, salty, slightly cold.

Can yin and heat, spleen benefit stomach, water swelling.

Duck meat is rich in niacin, which has protective effect on patients with myocardial infarction.

Duck meat contains B vitamins and vitamin E more, the resistance to aging has a good effect. Dry cough of tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis, can use Adenophora, jade Bamboo each 30~50 gram, old duck (or water duck) one or half, soup edible.

Has the effect of moistening lung cough. Malnutrition edema, cardiac edema, renal edema, can be used as a green head male duck, light blue Three trees, the right amount of rice, boiled porridge edible.

has effect on edema subsided. Generally speaking, weak physique, low heat, less food, dry stool or edema, with duck meat tonic more appropriate.

But cold cause stomach ache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, lumbar acid, menstrual ache, it is unfit to eat duck meat.

The truth three: foie gras, enjoy the “human soft gold” of the said

The goose is sweet, the sex is flat, can benefit the QI to complement the deficiency, and the stomach is born and Tianjin.

Foie gras is a nutrient-rich, fine texture, delicious taste of the best nutrition, known as “human soft gold”, is also a lot of astronauts, pilots, commonly used food.

When the weather is cold, eat more goose, to prevent colds and acute and chronic bronchitis has a good effect.

Weakness of the spleen and stomach, lack of gas, fatigue fatigue, eat less wasting, can be a goose, Astragalus, codonopsis, Huai Yam, jujube each 30 grams, into the goose belly, with thread suture, to simmer stew until cooked rotten, seasoning, sub-eat.

Insufficient air, dry mouth, shortness of breath, cough, or stools, diarrhea, etc., can be goose meat 250 grams, 30 grams of Yam, North Adenophora 15 grams, jade Bamboo 15 grams, add water to cook, seasoning edible.

Yin fever, hand and foot heart heat, leg weakness, forgetfulness, can be goose meat 500 grams, fish maw 30~50 grams (water hair through), cooked rotten, seasoning edible.

It’s not all right to use goose meat to make a supplement.

Spleen-yang deficiency, or damp-heat intrinsic, or skin sore poison, should not be used goose meat into the supplement.

In short, with chickens, ducks, geese into the supplement, must be dialectical choice, discrimination of consumption.

In general, people with cold and weak symptoms should eat chickens, people with hot, fire in the body should eat ducks, spleen deficiency gas weak, fluid can not bear the people should eat goose.

Special tip: A few caveats to note ① the content of this article is the standard of poultry which is raised by traditional farm.

At present, the sale of chicken, duck, goose meat, should not be too much or too long time to eat. The temperature and cool properties of ② chickens, ducks and geese can vary with different cooking methods. such as barbecue, fried, fried, etc., the nature of the warmer.

Baiqie, steamed, boiled, etc., the change of sexual taste is not big.

③ medicinal and edible homologous, with medicinal herbs for steaming, stew, pot and other methods of processing, manufactured products can be affected by the taste of medicinal herbs have been changed.

④ with chickens, ducks, geese into the supplement, can not simply say what good what is bad, but to have a choice. If we do not divide cold the actual situation to fill, not only can not tonic, but harmful.