wrong posture, some unnoticed details

You know what? Sedentary, wrong posture, some unnoticed details, let your waist bear a heavy burden.

As the saying goes, “10 people with nine back pain”, lumbago disease younger trend intensified, today, we will talk about “lumbago” those things ~

“What kinds of lumbago are there?”

1, Lumbar muscle strain: can touch, have tenderness

If you feel low back pain and can touch it, it may be lumbar muscle strain.

Lumbar Muscle strain Prevention: in daily life and work must maintain good posture, avoid easy to cause “flash waist” action.

2, Lumbar intervertebral disc problem: The position is very deep, the activity is limited Feel the waist very painful, cannot bend, but touch without very obvious pain point.

This is often caused by lumbar intervertebral disc pain, or small joint disorders caused by pain, diagnosis requires the use of MRI or CT.

3, Nerve involvement: lumbar pain accompanied by lower extremity radiation pain Radiation pain is along the waist, all the way to the thigh, calf, even the foot back, the foot of a line of pain, or numbness, weakness of the lower limbs and other symptoms, these conditions may be caused by nerve involvement.

At this time should go to the hospital to check the degree of oppression and oppression position.

4, stay motionless also pain: must rule out the tumor may

There are unexplained lumbar pain, and can not find a special tenderness point, sleep at night and in a comfortable, relaxed state is still very painful, must go to the hospital in time to check whether the situation is a tumor, so as not to delay treatment.

“3 actions to help you protect your waist.”

1, Xiao Yan Fei Prone on the hard bed, two arms straight, affixed to the sides of the body, head, shoulders, arms back above the lift, while the legs straight up upward, so that the whole body like a flying swallow, keep about 5 seconds after the relaxation of the fall, rest for 3-5 seconds.

According to individual situation, can persist to do 10~30 times every day.

2. Arch Bridge

Weak lumbar strength or obese people do small swallow fly may be a bit laborious, can choose “Five-point support” method to exercise the waist back muscles. Supine on the bed, knees, elbows and back against the bed, abdomen and hips up, depending on the head, elbows and feet five points to support the weight of the entire body, lasting 3-5 seconds, and then relax the waist muscles, put down the hips rest 3-5 seconds.

According to your physical condition, do 20~40 times.

3. Squat against the wall Two-legged micro-sheet, heel from the wall 60 cm, back against the wall, upright waist back, slow squat, heel do not leave the ground, you can also double hand fists before stretching. The angle of the thigh and calf is best at 90 degrees, keep breathing for 3-5 seconds, restore standing posture.

The action starts slowly, may gradually accelerate, 5~10 is 1 groups, each time does one group. Walk with a chest, take the pace, choose the right cushion sneakers, etc., also helps protect the lumbar spine Oh ~