Choose a quiet place, or sit or stand

Choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, the whole body relax, clear distractions, two eyes open, head and neck do not move, alone in the blink of an eye ball. Gaze directly below the eyes, slowly turn to the left, then go to the top of the gaze, to the right, and finally back to the gaze just below, so that the first clockwise turn 9 laps. Then let the eyes from the gaze below, turn to the right, to the top, to the left, and then back to the bottom, so that the counterclockwise direction of the 6 turn. Do it 4 times in total. Every turn, the eyeball should reach the limit as far as possible.

This kind of blink method can exercise eye muscle, improve nutrition, make the eye nimble and free, sparkle.

Distant Gaze Find a lawn or green tree 10 meters away: green because of the short wavelength, imaging in the retina before the eyes to promote relaxation, eye ciliary muscle relaxation, reduce eye fatigue. Do not squint, do not blink, exclude distractions, concentrate, gaze intently for 25 seconds, and identify the contours of grass or leaves. Then the left hand is slightly above the eye 30 centimeters in front, each from the beginning to see the palm, about 5 seconds. After reading the palm, gaze at the distant grass or leaves for 25 seconds, and then look at the palm.

10 minutes time repeated 20 times a day to do three back, the sharp decline in eyesight to increase the number of training.

Crystal manipulation Blink of an eye: the hands of the cheek, let the eyeball press up, down, left and right in the order of rotation 10 times, and then counterclockwise, clockwise rotation 10 times.

Find a picture of 3 meters away (such as the wall of calligraphy and painting, etc.), while lifting their left-hand distance slightly higher than the eyes straight (about 30 centimeters), see the Palm hypophrenic, then see the Qingyuan, as fast as possible to move between the eyes, round trip 20 times.

Eye Breath Method

Choose the fresh air, or sit or stand, the whole body relaxed, two heads in front of the head, slowly will air suction foot, eyes with the wide, a little pause, and then the air slowly exhaled, the eyes are slowly micro-closed, continuous do 9 times.

Iron Eye Method

This method is best to sit, relax, close your eyes, and then quickly rub the two palms, so that the heat, hot with both hands to cover the eyes, hot scattered two hands suddenly take open, both eyes also exert a wide, so three times, can promote eye blood circulation, improve metabolism.

Eye Wash method First the basin disinfection, pour warm water, adjust the water temperature, put the face into the waters, open the eyes in the water, so that the eyeball up and down each move 9 times, and then clockwise, counterclockwise rotation 9 times. At first, the water enters the eye, the eyes are uncomfortable, but as the eye turns, the eyes will slowly feel very comfortable. When you’re doing this, if you’re having trouble breathing, lift your face from the washbasin and take a deep breath.

This method, can wash away the harmful substances and dust in the eye, but also to the light cataract effective, and can improve astigmatism, farsightedness, myopia refractive error degree.

Massage Exercises Take a sit-down or supine, the two eyes naturally closed, and then massage the points around the eyes. The request points accurate, the technique is gentle, takes the local to have the acidity to swell the sense to be the degree. 1. Rub the sky should point: with both hands thumb gently rub according to the day should point (under the brow, orbit outside the upper corner). 2. Squeeze the eye point: Gently rub the thumb of one hand on the eyes (the nose root is close to the inner Canthus) and then push up 3. Rub four white point: Rub the center of the cheek with the index finger four white points (the bottom edge of the orbital straight down a horizontal finger). 4. By temples, wheel scraping orbital: With the thumb pressing the temple (brow and the outer corner of the middle of the back of a horizontal point), and then use the second section of the bent index finger to scratch the orbital lap, from the inside of the-> outside the-> outside the-> inside, so that around the orbital save bamboo fish waist, genre empty, pupil Liao, after the ball, bearing It is good for pseudo myopia, or to prevent the deepening of myopia degree.