self-massage, to use the other hand thu

First, Hegu When self-massage, to use the other hand thumb toward the pinky direction, can better play a health care role. Hegu A can dispel wind dispelling, to cold fever, all kinds of headache, rhinitis, toothache, Kouyanwaixie, God faint drowsiness effective. Two can replenish Qi, treat qi deficiency, weakness. With the three miles can help to replenish the gas, to prevent gastroptosis, with the first aid effect.

Pregnant women disable Hegu, have the effect of oxytocin.

Second, internal clearance Mainly to the chest symptoms have adjustment effect, can improve the blood supply of the heart, treatment of heart disease, such as flustered, chest pain, chest tightness, etc. with the three-foot treatment of stomach pain, hiccup, vomiting, hiccups; With God door can calm the nerves, treatment insomnia, irritability and other diseases.

Often rubbing the internal clearance on cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal dysfunction, neurasthenia and other effective.

Three, shoulder well By rubbing shoulder hole can treat shoulder ache, head ache, top-heavy, eye fatigue, tinnitus, high blood pressure, stiff neck and so on.

You can use the middle finger to rub this point, but also thumb and four fingers together to pinch shoulder muscles.

Iv. gas-Sea and Guan yuan Qi Hai and Sekimoto are the body’s vitality, for the strong health of the point. Upper and lower three Hara, under the hara is the gas sea Point and Guan Yuan point, massage gas sea, Sekimoto can invigorate vitality, play a role in strengthening health, longevity. And for gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynecological and other systems of the disease effective.

This two points more use moxibustion method.

Wu, Tai Heng The large transverse acupoints are in the middle of the abdomen, 4 inches from the umbilical cord. Massage large transverse can transfer spleen through water wet. Invigorating spleen and dampness, help digestion, promote body nutrient absorption and water Valley transport.

This acupoint massage multi-use pressure method, namely uses the thumb to hold the acupoint, lasts 5 seconds after repeated presses.

Six, the life gate and the kidney Yu Life Gate is the posterior hara of the human body. A portal for the vitality of the governor’s veins. Massage Life door and kidney yu can strong waist stronger kidney, shu muscle, is strong kidney fitness, longevity.

Can put two palms to rub heat, tightly press come, force up and down friction, can warm kidney impotence, enhance sexual function, treatment menstruation is not adjusted, down and other diseases, but also strong kidney solid, prevent lumbar disease, lumbar muscle strain.

Seven, Springs Spring is the big cave of human longevity. Regular massage can make kidney fine, ercongmuming, energetic, soft waist and knees, sexual function is strong. Neurasthenia, insomnia and many dreams, indigestion, stomach pain, bloating, irregular menstruation, leg pain and other effective.

Often press spring also can wake up God, to cerebrovascular disease caused by God faint dementia, stroke not language, limb paralysis has adjuvant treatment effect.

Eight, foot three miles The three-foot has a strong role in the air, is the human health to the point. Can dredge meridians, treatment of lower extremity numbness, pain, edema, etc., can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, the treatment of stomach pain, bloating, bowel, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, often rub the three can fill the spleen and stomach, strengthen disease resistance, longevity, moxibustion can enhance immune function, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular system and other health effects, but also prevent stroke To promote limb recovery. Massage foot three is best with horn or massage equipment stimulation.