ocated at the eyebrows, usually with the thumb and forefinger

One, Yintang Cave

Located at the eyebrows, usually with the thumb and forefinger repeatedly ba Shan root.

Second, temples

Located at the intersection of the eyebrows and the outer corner of the eye, massage temples, there is a refreshing brain, relieve pain and fatigue effect.

Three, hundred will cave Located in the center of the head, you can take the middle of the cross-ear line.

Gently tapping with the palm of the hand, has the effect of pass through, relieve the head pain is very effective.

Four, Hegu Cave

Commonly known as the tiger, repeated rubbing can calm the pain.

Five, kidney Shu Acupoint

In the second lumbar side open two transverse finger, moxibustion this point, can treat menstrual sex headache.

Six, Yang White cave Located just above the pupil, an inch on the brow bone.

Press the Yang White, clear the head eyesight, relieve headache.

Seven, the Divine Court Cave Located in the middle of the hairline 0.5 inches in the slightly depressed place, long according to the Divine Court can regulate the nervous system, effectively relieve headaches, very refreshing to wake up the brain Oh.