Thumb, index finger between the jaw

Hegu Cave: Thumb, index finger between the jaws, thumb index finger like two mountains, the jaws of the valley, Hegu points in a slightly to the side of the index finger, hegu acupoint massage can enhance the immune ability.

Hegu Cave also has an elegant called longevity cave;

Do you know?
Massage can prevent colds

Update Date: 08-15 04:17:15 Source: Chinese Health Label: cold Guide: Morning and evening temperature difference is big, accidentally very easy to catch a cold, the prevention of colds heavier than the focus of treatment prevention should be placed in daily life health care. Commonly used methods are massage, cupping, acupuncture, scraping and other methods to enhance immunity to improve the ability to fight colds. Point care when it’s OK, always press and press, at home or in the office can be carried out to achieve health care for the body for the purpose. The following describes common cold acupuncture points, interested can try …

Lack of holes in the column:

In the opposite of the two jaws, the end of the index finger touches the sunken place;

Ying Xiang Cave:

Beside the nostril, Ying Xiang Acupoint can treat runny nose water, allergic rhinitis, nosebleeds;

Wind Pool cave:

Located in the back of the human body behind the neck, the posterior bone, two large ribs in the outer recess equivalent to the ear lobe flush;

Shoulder hole: It is located at the midpoint of the shoulder side and the spine and the highest shoulder.

Pregnant women can not be massage or acupuncture easy to cause abortion;

Points of day:

The center of the sternum is shaped like a half-moon sag;

Foot three miles: The knee is under three inches, the outside knee right now four fingers place, often presses may help the spleen and stomach digestion, strengthens the physique and the resistance.