not only can infect a variety of disease

Mosquitoes are the natural enemies of humans, not only can infect a variety of disease, such as malaria, dengue, filariasis, je, etc., the health threat, and insect bites, skin is prone to leave redness and swelling of the bite marks, but also a loss of image, then mosquito bites, how can quickly stop itching to eliminate redness? Find a way together.

1, soap smear to stop itching Insect bites, in the mosquito’s mouths secrete an organic acid-formic acid. This substance can cause the muscle to itch, the soap contains the sodium salt of the high fatty acid, this kind of fatty acid sodium saline solution is alkaline.

The alkaline of the soap and the acidity of the formic acid neutralize the itching quickly after elimination.

2. Wipe toothpaste Use toothpaste to touch a little water, in the mosquito bag where the uniform.

But to pay attention to the choice of toothpaste, anti-inflammatory effect is stronger, there is a strong alkaline, these effects will be better.

3. Apply Garlic With sliced garlic in the mosquito bites repeatedly rub a minute, there is obvious pain to itch anti-inflammatory effect, even if the bite has become a large package or inflammation of the festering, can be used garlic rub, generally after 12 o’clock can be anti-inflammatory to swollen, festering wounds can be cured after 24 hours.

People with skin allergies should use caution.

4. Take anti-histamine drugs If you are sensitive to mosquito bites, you may want to eat an antihistamine before you go out. Anti-histamine drugs block the immune response, can reduce the itch and swelling of mosquito bites.

But the side effects of antihistamines are to sleep and motorists avoid taking them.

5. Apply lemon juice Rub the affected with lemon juice, aloe vera juice or salt water to quickly stop itching.

If you have begun to discharge pus, you can wipe some of the lemon juice with antiseptic effect.

6. Vitamin B2

With vitamin B2 tablets powder plus medical alcohol and applied to the inflamed areas, both can be treated and can be prevented.

7, do a good job in prevention At home with a pot full of water containing detergent or soap, after a period of time, the number of mosquitoes will be significantly reduced.

Because the smell of detergent and soapy water attracts mosquitoes to spawn, eggs cannot hatch in detergent and soapy water.

8. Prepare before you go out of the field Mosquitoes hate vitamin B1, you have to advance three days to eat, mainly for friends to go to the wild, or the vitamin B1 bubble water wipe on the surface of the body, mosquitoes will not close.