Cervical spondylosis is the most common white

How to treat cervical spondylosis? Cervical spondylosis is the most common white-collar disease, because perennial sitting in front of the computer to look at the copy, Lunch break table sleep, how to see these are leading to the bad habit of cervical spondylosis.

So how do the office workers do cervical health care? Here’s a look.

1, neck and shoulder muscles exercise Head, neck, neck and breast enlargement exercises every 10-20 times, not one to two hours.

This can be used when tired to relax the neck muscles, relieve neck fatigue. The hands of ten fingers crossed in the neck, the head stretched back, the hand to block hard, against the force, although the head did not move, but through the two-direction force of the contest to the corresponding neck muscles contraction. Similarly, we can put our hands against the left side of the head, the head to the left, the hands against the head, and the right side.

can also rotate around the neck, hand rub the neck muscles, this exercise can let the tension of the neck muscles relax, the neck has a good protective effect.

2. Raise the computer screen

Put the computer display position up a few centimeters, or to the computer display installed display bracket, so that the previous bow to the head, from the source to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

3. Bending of legs and elbows

① Leg Bend We sit in the computer chair to maintain the level of the thigh (to prevent us from sitting on the chair by the forward or backward sliding force) feet naturally, so that the calf and thigh to maintain 95° around the bend (this angle is too large, will reduce the calf to the thigh upward support, thus will increase the thigh front of the cushion pressure, The muscles that touch the front of the thigh and the cushion affect the blood flow in the legs.

This angle is too small, will squeeze the knee bends the side blood vessels, causes the thigh blood flow is not smooth.

② Waist Bend The correct posture is the torso part of our body back slightly inclined to make the thigh and the back of the angle of 100°-110°, the harm I have already mentioned, do not say, perhaps you will ask not forward can be kept 90°, but when we sit on the upper torso and thigh to maintain a 90°,

All the gravity of the upper body will be concentrated to the hips, then our spine bones are under pressure, long time will lead to the tissue of the lesion, backward tilt not only does not affect our use of computers, but also can be the upper torso of gravity distribution to the back.

③ Elbow Bend

We use the computer when the arm naturally droop, to the sides of the natural open, elbow to maintain between the 80°-100°, usually we can not maintain such posture, mainly the height of the table and seat height adjustment to determine, we have to adapt to the use of the seat and table, choose to give up comfortable and healthy posture.

4, M-word exercise The way is the head for the “pen”, in the following order to write repeatedly “Rice” word: first write a horizontal, the head as far as possible from left to right to draw a horizontal, head back to the positive position. Write a vertical, head and neck as far forward as possible stretching, from top to bottom draw a vertical line, heads back to the positive position. Neck as far as possible to the left and stretched to 45 degrees angle, head back to the positive position, the same law writing rice word right, head back to the top, the neck as far as possible to the right, draw a left below, the head and neck back to the positive position. Head as far as possible to the left before stretching, lower right to draw a Na, restore the head and neck position.

Action should be gentle, do not force too hard, do twice a day, to feel the head, neck, shoulder light and comfortable for the degree.

5. Knee Cushion Clearance

The knee bend and front of the cushion keep the gap between the fingers, increasing the flow of blood at the bend of the leg.

6. Overlook the distance Office, every time there is a sense of rest, stand up and activities, look at the distance, so that both can relax the mood, but also to relieve the fatigue of the eye, relax the neck muscles, one swoop to win.