Neck Support The correct use of the computer

① Neck Support The correct use of the computer should control the distance between the screen and the eye, and maintain the basic level of sight. We usually look down or up the screen, without looking at the screen horizontally, as long as the screen is too high or too low.

But watching the screen for a long time downward or upward can cause fatigue in our cervical spine. The correct use of the computer should open the screen and the eye distance, reduce the computer to the eyes and brain radiation, which requires us to keep the arm and the computer at the same time the upper body tilt back, then our cervical spine is also in the backward state, in order to maintain our level of sight, we should slightly downward bow, the neck is suspended in the state,

As the pain in the neck muscles increases over time, we need a headrest to support our neck and head and relieve the pressure on the cervical spine.

② Small ARM Support

Whether it is tapping the keyboard or sliding the mouse, the arm for a long time, increase the force of the arm, the time will cause the shoulder muscle lesions, the role of the computer Chair armrest is to support our small arms, reduce the tension on the shoulder.

8. Neck Massage At the back of the neck, from the bottom of the skull to the upper torso. This section distributes 3 points of the Baekje cave.

In sparing no effort, it is advisable to take just a few minutes to massage the 3 reaction points, relieve cervical fatigue immediately, relax the body.

Hands and fingers cross each other, placed behind the neck, rubbing back and forth to the neck, the force to be gentle, continuous friction 50 times, neck fever, there will be a very relaxed and comfortable feeling.

9. Out-of-office sports

Go to the countryside to play, chest head, look around, can maintain the cervical spine, spine muscle tension, which is a good way to prevent cervical spondylosis. Swimming head always upward lift, neck muscles and lumbar muscle are getting exercise, and people in the water without any burden, will not cause any damage to the intervertebral discs, is a more comfortable way to exercise the cervical spine.