drink more hot water” is right, if you add it in hot water

In the autumn dry winter, foggy climate, “drink more hot water” is right, if you add it in hot water, you can clear the liver for good eyesight, comfortable winter Oh!

Here we recommend a good thing-chrysanthemum.

Health Preferred Feverfew

The variety of chrysanthemum, but not all chrysanthemums have medicinal value, how should we choose? Experts believe that commonly used chrysanthemum has three kinds: Daisy, Huang Ju, Xiao Feverfew.

Daisy Heat, diarrhea fire, detoxification, topical effect is better; Huang Ju main evacuation wind heat, feverfew main clear liver eyesight, flat liver to reduce yang, the dry season caused by cough asthma, cold fever, low immunity of the human body has a good effect of relief treatment.

So, health preferred feverfew.

Chrysanthemum, not surname Hang

Get up in the morning, sore throat, a cup of hot water, it works super good Often people misunderstand the origin of “chrysanthemum” in Hangzhou, but in fact, Zhejiang Tongxiang Chrysanthemum is the most authentic.

Tongxiang chrysanthemum petals White as jade, stamens promulgating pure gold, color incense elegant, taste gan cool, for the Chrysanthemum treasures. Tongxiang is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, belonging to Jiaxing, which is located in the water network plains, fertile land.

Local planting chrysanthemum has been more than 800 years of history, in order to maintain its medicinal herbs today, the Chrysanthemum farmers still adhere to the oldest planting, picking, processing methods. Good geographical advantage and diligent chrysanthemum farmers let this piece of land bred the most authentic chrysanthemum, at the same time also let Chrysanthemum become a geographical business card in Zhejiang Tongxiang, not only in the Chinese medicine is widely praised in the drug, in the field of health food is also widely used.