The following is a brief introduction of several

Winter has come, many people’s feet stink more and more serious.

So you know how to cure foot odor? The following is a brief introduction of several effective radical coup.

Winter in the foot smelly man’s eyes is a torment season, because the feet smelly winter dare not go to a friend’s house, foot odor let patients less communication. So you know how to deal with foot odor? Actually go to the foot smelly to understand the reason. So I have already introduced the foot odor is what reason.

So the following is a detailed talk about foot odor radical coup.
How to cure foot odor

1. Pear Peel Pear skin Many people will throw away, in fact, pear skin treatment foot odor is also very effective OH.

Peel the peel of the pear and rub it directly into the athlete’s foot.

2, white sugar can treat athlete’s foot Feet with warm water soaked after washing, take a little sugar in the area of beriberi with hands repeatedly rub, rub after washing, do not wash can also. Once every two or three days, 3 times after the general mild beriberi patients can be cured, this method is particularly effective in the treatment of foot-toe beriberi.

You can also use the Parthenon water, gently spray dispel athlete’s foot.

3, APC treatment foot odor How to remove the foot odor? Use APC.

One or two pieces of APC crushed into powder, scattered in two shoes, 1-2 days to cast once, has a unique effect.

4. Aloe Vera to treat athlete’s foot

Rub the leaf juice with aloe vera leaf to squeeze on the foot, naturally air-dry, one foot with one leaf at a time.

5, shoes do not wear more

Shoes wet do not wear the same pair for two days in a row, at the same time to the full drying of wet shoes, preferably put into the sun under the sun, but also to lead to sterilization effect.

6. Beer Do you know the most effective way to cure foot odor? Actually, beer is. Beer is very common in life, so it is more convenient to use it.

Beer also has an effective ingredient in the treatment of beriberi foot odor, can be used to treat beriberi foot odor! The method is to first pour the bottled beer into the basin, without water, feet after washing soaked in beer, soak for about 20 minutes and then rinse clean dry.

The weekly bubble 1, 2 times has the very good effect.

7. White vinegar Beriberi patients, also can be used in the home kitchen standing white vinegar to treat foot odor of beriberi. Soak the white vinegar with cotton balls to coat the affected part, to stop itching and sterilization.

Some people may have a slight peeling, painted once can be half a month do not do.

8. Salt Ginger Ginger and salt have a good bactericidal effect, put the right amount of salt in the water and several slices of ginger fry, boiling after cooling know not hot when washing feet, mainly to scrub for several minutes, so not only can deodorant, but also soothe the foot nerves, can eliminate fatigue, make you feel relaxed.