family gatherings and other big and small parties

Every time you meet classmates, friends, family gatherings and other big and small parties, you are not unavoidable to have a drink.

Because no alcohol, no atmosphere! Drink too much and uncomfortable, what to do?

From a health standpoint, men do not exceed 25 grams of alcohol per day, and women do not exceed 15 grams.

But there are so many kinds of wine, in the end how to calculate it?

1. Conversion into beer Males do not exceed 750 ml (that is, more than one bottle), while females are about 450 ml.

(Take a bottle of 600 ml of beer for example)

2. Conversion into red wine (wine)

The male does not exceed 250 ml, just one cup, the female is about 150 ml.

3, converted into low-alcohol liquor (38 degrees)

The male is 75 ml, that is one or two half, the female is less than 50 ml, namely less than one or two.

4, converted into a high level of white wine (more than 40 degrees)

Men should be controlled within 50 ml, that is, not more than one or two, women should not drink. The above is a healthy person’s “liquor”, those who already have high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease and other chronic diseases of friends are best to say byebye with alcohol!