feminine estrogen secretion vigorous, will stop old

Edible mushrooms can make the feminine estrogen secretion vigorous, will stop old anti-aging, create the skin stunning. Mushrooms contain over 30 percent protein, each 100 g of fresh mushroom vitamin C content around 206.28 milligrams, along with the mushroom at the carotene may be converted into vitamin A, so the mushroom has a”treasure trove of vitamin A” said.

Sweet potato includes a high number of sticky protein, vitamin C is also quite abundant, sweet potato at the first content of vitamin A is near the content of carrots. Frequently eat sweet potato may reduce cholesterol, and reduce subcutaneous fat, fill lack, gain strength, spleen and gut, gain kidney yang, in order to assist skin beauty, create skin healthy and fair. Sweet potato also includes a sort of estrogen-like compounds, to safeguard skin, delaying aging has a particular function.
Thus, many foreign ladies treat sweet potatoes as attractiveness food.
Asparagus is full of selenium, selenium may postpone the aging of skin, but also to protect against all sorts of fat and excess oxidation of powerful ailments, if we frequently eat asparagusour skin will get healthier and shiny!
Tomatoes Tomatoes, also called tomato, called”Vitamin C” warehouse, tomatoes are abundant in the effect of ingredients, therefore berries possess a high attractiveness value and health price. It’s full of vitamins A, B, C, particularly the large nutrient content, like magnesium, iron, magnesium, etc., that can be uncommon in other plant foods.
Frequently eat berries, but the bloodstream to gain God, so the skin remains soft and glowing, ruddy face.
Ginseng, Bee Royal syrup Eat meals and with the blend of meals, the exact same is ginseng, royal jelly, along with by implementing its essence to and to the epidermis, but also to consume in time, through absorption and digestion of the bronchial twice acting on skin.