Substance: Green tea Sum, chondroitin 1 gram

Substance: Green tea Sum, chondroitin 1 gram
Exercise: First use boiling water to brew demantoid tea, then the chondroitin and tea mix to earn a wonder tea. Efficacy: Frequently drink can moisturize skin, remove the yellowish gas, make skin smooth and filled with elasticity, skin white tender, bleaching function can’t be disregarded, but in addition uniform skin tone. Is undoubtedly a fantastic tea to enhance the darkened yellowish skin!

The process is also quite straightforward, later from the workplace frequently drink Oh!
Substance: honey, overnight tea level Procedure: Take the total amount of tea instantly, honey a bit.
From the overnight tea include a little honey mixture thoroughly, wash eyebrow face, can decorate forehead. Efficacy: Want to look great, the surface of the skin evenly, the eye region of the skin can’t be ignored. Along with the glistening, bushy eyebrows make you seem livelier.
This eyebrow tea may create the eyebrows thick and glistening.
Daily L representative, drink randomly. Efficacy: The substance used in Polygonum multiflorum tea is a fantastic attractiveness nourishing tea. Not only can rejuvenate flesh, but whitening nourish skin, enhance the darkened yellowish skin, but also reduce fat loss.
Can you have a heartbeat?
Substance: Require grape 100 g, sugar sum, green tea 5 g.
Exercise: First green tea with boiling water, sugar and tomatoes and 60 ml, blended with green tea juice. Efficacy: Grape tea is a fantastic anti-aging beverage by earning your complexion , creating your skin energetic. Together with all the aforementioned 4 wonder tea, MM is not going to need to sigh the colour of the dark yellowish the way to take action!!!