their most annoying, summer, sunscreen is very

Women’s most headache is the skin problems, spots are their most annoying, summer, sunscreen is very important, many women will rely on cosmetics freckle, that method really has effect? Do you know what you can do to get your freckle?…

The simplest and most effective method of freckle that 99% of people do not know

1. Choose suitable fruit to apply noodles Fruit surface is a lot of women’s customary skin care method, but not all the fruit is suitable for the surface, because the skin contains the acid and pigment components are very heavy, it will make skin changes black. The correct way to use is to use the pulp, melon meat, and according to different properties of the skin, to choose fruit.

How to Freckle is the most effective, China’s women have always been a feminine skin white for the United States, can be used to choose wax gourd meat, can not see the peel on the paste.

2, the physiological period should pay attention to maintenance The appearance of the physiological period will affect the immunity of the female skin, the facial skin sensitive women is more important.

In this period of time to eat more help to discharge the blood of the uterus of the food, to help the function of the uterus into normal operation, but also to increase the bloodstream, will not increase the burden on the liver, the skin will not appear spots.

3, to use the right skin care products There are many ways to freckle, but the most important thing is to choose the right skin care products. Now a lot of freckle products, choose a suitable product is not easy, so the ladies should choose a suitable according to their own situation, and do not use shoddy products.

Many fake products contain pigment preservatives, which can easily cause skin damage and accelerate skin spots. Freckle method is very much, these are can let women freckle method, method is not so complex, but to women bring freckle effect is very good, so women must for their skin health cherish above the skin care method.