friends have expertise. What exactly is there

It’s easy to sit after supper, and that I feel that lots of female friends have expertise. What exactly is there a way to lower your stomach? Actually, only do three actions following the meal, you may effectively burn off belly fat, remove annoying little stomach.

Step one: Bend over to the stomach. Two thighs collectively knees, calf and thigh to 90 degrees straight angle, toe support, upper torso forwards, two arms straight, palms supporting both the torso, waist and buttocks muscle tightening, so the upper chest and the floor equilibrium, head down. The wrists gradually up upward, the legs together with the straightened, the foot of the floor, the top body along with both arms attached into a direct line, so the entire bodies and the floor form a ideal triangle. While hammering and twisting up the ideal leg, the elbows and knees are flexed, so the ideal leg is directly aligned with the upper torso along with the arm. 4. Exhale slowly, the buttocks sink, the top body pulls forwards and calms the posture together with the remainder of this floor, the left leg extends, both shoulders bend again, the ideal leg is flexed forward and folded beneath the torso.
Then exhale again, the ideal leg upward, buttocks upward, left and right to perform 5 times.
Step two: Stand up and tummy up The left leg goes directly, the body centre of gravity drops upon the left foot, the ideal leg knees, together with both hands to maintain the knee and knee, is going to be around the left leg wrist to adjusted. Then keep the equilibrium, hands loose, then two arms forwards flat elevator, palm down, upper body belly, buttocks muscle subsidence twist, maintain posture for many minutes. 3. While breathing, while still bending forwards to the left knee, then the buttocks sinking, so the calf and thigh to 90 degrees, do squat posture, the upper body slightly forward, two arms before the horizontal elevator.
Stand slowly, restore the channel directly back and forth 15 times.
Step three: lying at the belly Two thighs close together, knees slightly flexed, calf and thigh angle of over 90 degrees, feet accompany the floor, the upper body back and straight, the arm flexed back elbow, together with the arm to encourage the torso.
2. Keep the upper body posture, knees directly, crab upwards lift off the floor, so the legs directly, while the abdomen and waist to employ force, but listen to medium, to prevent the drop back on the trunk.
3. Keep on the rear of the floor, legs directly lift posture, while inhaling side will open two legs, the angle so far as you possibly can pull big.
4. Then slowly exhale, legs toward the middle, and the ideal leg at the top left leg at the knee cross thighs, now the ideal thigh within the muscles to tighten. 5. Exhale again slowly inhaletwo legs start, and then exhale in the atmosphere cross thighs left and right leg posture swap, do 15 times.