The time for weight loss breakfast is generally 15-20 minutes, lunch

The time for weight loss breakfast is generally 15-20 minutes, lunch and dinner are 30 minutes, and the meal time is too short, which is not conducive to the secretion of digestive juice and the full mixing of digestive juice and food, affecting the digestion of food, and the meal time is too long. Will continue to ingest food, causing excessive food intake.

How long does it take to eat three meals a day?

Evening meal: 19:00 to 21:00. Choose a glass of milk because they can help you improve your sleep quality.

Dinner is best around 6 pm, it is best not to exceed 8 pm, 8 pm, do not eat anything other than drinking water, and do not sleep within 4 hours after dinner, so that food can be fully digested.


Add food at noon: 14 to 15 o’clock. At this point the amount of glucose in the body is reduced to the lowest point after lunch. So you can eat nuts, popcorn, dried fruits and more.

Full lunch, full day is a common saying that we often say. Lunch in daily life is the most important meal of the day. Because of the high heat consumption in the morning, we should continue to study in the afternoon. It is recommended to eat at 11:30 to 13 in weight loss lunch. Between half and half, the best time is at 12 noon.


Morning meal: 10 o’clock to this time brain work has consumed 20% of the energy you eat for breakfast, so at this time you need to add some low-fat carbohydrates, such as bananas.

The interval between breakfast and Chinese food is 4-5 hours, so the breakfast is recommended between 6:30 and 8:30 in the morning. The best time is around 7:30. If the breakfast time is too early, the food intake should be increased accordingly. Or lunch a little earlier. The sooner you eat breakfast, the sooner you activate your body and turn on the energy of the day. It also plays a very good role in regulating the body’s metabolism. Office workers and schooling parties often feel that the murmur time is not enough, breakfast is always sloppy, for the friends who want to lose weight part-time, breakfast is sloppy. Therefore, breakfast is usually carried out after 7 to 8 o’clock after a proper amount of morning exercise (such as running or practicing yoga). The advantage of this is that it not only activates the switch of the body’s metabolism, but also you can use these to adjust earlier. Energy, not letting fat accumulate.

After an appropriate amount of morning exercise (such as running or practicing yoga), it is the best weight loss breakfast time from 7am to 8am.


Many men have a big belly, so men want to lose weight and need to start from the stomach. Want to eliminate the beer belly, in addition to more exercise, three meals a day also need to pay attention to, only a reasonable arrangement of three meals a day is likely to avoid the continued increase in fat. So how do men eat and lose weight three meals a day?