Insufficient: Because the amount of the injected material is not

Insufficient: Because the amount of the injected material is not easy to control, some people have a length of the vas deferens that is too long, and the surgical site feels acupuncture-like discomfort. This method has been abandoned by most clinicians.

Vasectomy: Cutting off the vas deferens as a sperm transport tube undoubtedly prevents pregnancy. The starting end of the two vas deferens is located in the scrotum, and can be touched from the outside of the scrotum and pulled to the skin of the scrotum. Therefore, the doctor only needs to pierce a small mouth of rice on the scrotum and cut the vas deferens to achieve the contraceptive effect. .

Surgery, which is always associated with trauma and pain, sounds a bit scary. However, the entire process of birth control surgery is only 20 minutes. Without stitching, the recovery time is only two days. There is almost no scar after surgery. The trauma is small and recovery. It is faster than many people imagine.

At present, there are three types of birth control procedures that can be used: vasectomy, vas deferens, and non-obstructive vas deferens. The latter two procedures are based on traditional ligation.

3, surgery

Insufficient: Injecting the drug does not work immediately. One injection per month, continuous injection for 3 months to produce contraceptive effect, the yellow people’s contraceptive rate reached more than 90%.

Eleven Testosterone Injection: This injection has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is known as “a contraceptive every month”. However, it is currently undergoing a multi-center phase III clinical trial worldwide. Successfully developed. After the male injection of the drug, the contraceptive rate of the yellow people reached more than 90%, while the white people only had about 60%.

Insufficient: It has many side effects. For example, the user is prone to hypokalemia and has a soft body and temporarily loses his ability to work. The most serious side effect is that the user may lose fertility. Experts do not recommend it.

Gossypol: Gossypol is the representative of oral male birth control drugs and the only drug that has been used clinically. Because this chemical extracted from ordinary cottonseed has a strong inhibitory effect on sperm production, scientists have been concerned about the contraceptive effect of gossypol for more than half a century.

The drugs are divided into oral drugs and injectable drugs.

2, drugs

Insufficient: The effective contraceptive rate is about 90%. A small number of men or wives who are allergic to rubber cannot use it.

Most men are not strange to this small rubber sleeve. Although the small cover makes some people feel “not good enough”, it is, after all, the most widely used contraceptive tool. Due to improper use, condoms are sometimes not safe. Moreover, there are some misbranded condoms in China that do not meet the quality standards, so be careful when choosing. The advantage of this method is that there are almost no side effects on both sides of the couple, and it is safe to get pregnant at any time, and it can prevent the spread of the disease. It is the first choice recommended by doctors.

1, condom

For couples who don’t want to be eager to have children, they will be worried about pregnancy when they have sex. Especially women will always worry about contraception if they have a few days before menstruation. If menstruation is delayed, these days are really torment. Today, contraception has become a major problem for most couples. With the continuous development of technology, there are not only contraceptive methods suitable for women, but also many contraceptive methods are suitable for men. What are the common contraceptive methods for men?