The nuts can be stored in the secretion of male sex hormo

The nuts can be stored in the secretion of male sex hormones, making them regular. In particular, walnuts and jujubes, in addition to promoting the secretion of sex hormones, also have a good function of strengthening the kidney, blood, kidney and lungs.

4, nuts:

Eggs are the best supplement for sperm. Because they are rich in protein, fat and multivitamins, and also contain zinc, zinc is an important part of sperm cells. Eating foods rich in high-quality protein helps to spermatogenesis.

3. Eggs:

Animal viscera contains more cholesterol, and also contains adrenaline and sex hormones, which can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia. Appropriate consumption of animal internal organs is beneficial to increase the level of androgen in the body, increase the amount of semen, and improve sexual function.

2, animal internal organs:

Amaranth is also called Yangcao, lazy dishes, longevity, flat vegetables and so on. Amaranth has a prominent role in warming the liver and kidney, helping the yang to strengthen the essence, so there is the name of “sun grass” in the pharmacopoeia. Amaranth seed is an excitatory agent, which has the functions of solidifying, assisting yang, tonifying the kidney, treating the belt, warming the waist and knees, and is suitable for diseases such as nocturnal emission and polyuria.

1, amaranth:

The low survival rate of men’s sperm will seriously affect their fertility. If men have low sperm survival rate, in addition to taking active treatment measures, they can also adjust from diet. Then you know that men’s sperm survival rate is low. ?