Walnut: It can replenish the kidney and solidify the essence

Walnut: It can replenish the kidney and solidify the essence, relax the bowels, strengthen the muscles and bones, especially suitable for those who have kidney yin deficiency.

Chestnut: can replenish the spleen and stomach, Yishen Yang, kidney deficiency and low back pain are most suitable for consumption.

Sesame: It can moisten the liver and kidney, backache, soft legs, dizziness, tinnitus, hair loss and early white hair and other kidney deficiency are suitable for consumption.

3. Stone fruit

Hawthorn: Contains ursolic acid, which can reduce the deposition of animal fat in the blood vessel wall, and has certain effects of preventing or reducing arteriosclerosis. If you usually eat some fresh hawthorn, drink water with dried hawthorn, or add hawthorn when stewing, both seasoning and digestion.

Yam: People who can spleen and kidney, tonic and solid, and kidney deficiency are suitable for eating.

Mulberry: It can nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the yin and nourish the skin.

2, fruits and vegetables

Shrimp: It can nourish the kidney and strengthen the yang, and strengthen the kidney. Insufficient kidney yang, such as waist and feet, impotence, infertility can take.

Sea cucumber: can replenish kidney yang, is a good product of aphrodisiac, kidney deficiency is suitable for taking.

Squid: can replenish the spleen and stomach, run liver and kidney, benefit bones and bones, suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, liver and kidney yin deficiency.

Scallop: It can nourish kidney and nourish yin, especially suitable for kidney yin deficiency.

1. Aquatic products

Kidney deficiency is more common in male life. Many men pay attention to the food of kidney. In fact, some foods we eat every day have the effect of tonifying the kidneys. So, do you know what foods men have for kidney supplements? How do men fill kidneys in life? ?