Occasionally, the penile erection time is short. Don’t worr

Occasionally, the penile erection time is short. Don’t worry too much. It is a normal phenomenon. However, if the male has a long penile erection for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital to check it. Symptomatic treatment can get good results. .

Major vascular surgery, radical prostatectomy, radical surgery for pelvic and perineal rectal cancer, and pelvic fractures, compression fractures of the lumbar spine, or cross-hatch injuries can cause vascular and nerve damage associated with penile erection, leading to erectile dysfunction.

6, surgery and trauma

Vascular causes include any disease that may cause a decrease in blood flow to the corpus cavernosum, such as atherosclerosis, pudendal artery shunting, or a decrease in smooth muscle in the penis cavernous sinus caused by venous return closure. The penile vein leaks.

5, vascular causes

Central or peripheral neurological diseases or injuries can cause erectile dysfunction.

4, neurological causes

3, mental stress: masturbation over-frequency, arousal caused by increased cortical central excitability, spinal cord ejaculation center excitability also increased, causing erection time is not long. Over time, it will become an organic erectile dysfunction, causing complications.

2, organic lesions: some organic lesions, easy to cause erection time is not long, such as: urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other inflammatory stimulation, so that the ejaculation center excitability is reduced, easy to cause erection time is not long , or the penile ligament is inductively increased, and excessive traction during the couple’s life also causes the penis to erect for a short time. This type of disease should be treated for the cause.

1, foreskin is too long, phimosis and other local stimuli: the foreskin is too long, the underwear is too tight for the glans head glans stimulation, or sexual excitement by watching yellow novels, movie video, often occurs penis erection time is not long.

Short erection time is a problem that men are very reluctant to face. Many men find that they have erectile dysfunction in their sexual life. They are not actively taking treatment measures in the hospital, but they are dragging their face to avoid treatment and eventually delaying their illness. It leads to more serious, so the short erection time of men also needs to pay attention, so what is the reason for the short erection time of men?