Because the foreskin is too long, it is easy to “stain dirt”, a large numb

Because the foreskin is too long, it is easy to “stain dirt”, a large number of bacteria or pathogens will enter the female body during the process of sex between men and women, leading to gynecological inflammation in women.

5, causing lover to suffer from gynecological diseases

Excessive foreskin may also induce men’s infertility. If you do not pay attention to clean or timely removal, prostatitis caused by smegma will affect the activity of sperm in semen and the consistency of semen, resulting in infertility.

4, easy to lead to infertility

Foreskin phimosis is easy to cause bacteria to breed and multiply. Over time, smegma will form, causing penile head dermatitis or urinary tract infection. If not treated properly, it may cause various inflammations such as prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, etc. Reproductive health causes great harm.

3, easy to cause infection

When the glans are hidden in the glans for a long time, the stimulation and friction of the glans will be greatly reduced. When sexual intercourse is carried out, the nerves of the glans will be too sensitive, which will lead to ejaculation and cause premature ejaculation.

2, causing men to premature

In the case of too long foreskin, the glans and the foreskin will stick together, and the glans will be wrapped in the foreskin for a long time, which will cause the glans to be restrained, affecting the growth and development of the glans, and even make the circumference of the crown of the penis head significantly smaller. Sexual intercourse, serious can also lead to glans deformity.

1, hinder penis development

Excessive foreskin

3, a small number of patients are congenital suffering from foreskin glans adhesion, refers to the foreskin wrapped in the glans after birth, although it will not affect the urination, but there will be a small mouth in the middle, this small mouth will cause the foreskin Inflammation, balanitis, and even more bacterial infections, so when the foreskin is too long, it must be treated aggressively. Regardless of the type, whether it can affect normal urination should be treated surgically, avoiding because the foreskin is too long. Causes dysplasia.

2, the foreskin is found in every male genital, but if the length of the foreskin exceeds the normal range length, it has completely exceeded the normal cortex, it will wrap the glans, which will lead to the foreskin is too long, and some Boys are congenital. From the beginning of birth, the foreskin is too long. As the age grows, the parents neglect, and the result is finally affected by the normal development of adolescence.

1. The foreskin is too long to say that everyone is congenital. Some boys in the process of puberty development, because they do not pay attention to posture, or do not pay attention to the health problems of the genitals, eventually lead to the slow process of the foreskin, including Living in the urethra, this situation is also generally used surgical treatment, but, the auxiliary treatment is not timely, it will lead to the foreskin severely wrapped the glans, eventually leading to short penis, penis dysplasia.

How is the male foreskin too long?

Many men have always cared about the problem that the foreskin is too long, and that the foreskin is too long to have much influence. Even some men do not know whether their foreskin is too long. In fact, too long foreskin is a common disease in men, but the damage caused by too long prepuce is very big, then you know how the male foreskin is too long? What kind of harm will the male foreskin cause?