The fish is a wind and hair, and those who suffer from a

The fish is a wind and hair, and those who suffer from acne, eczema and other skin diseases or skin allergies do not eat; cancer patients and people with lupus erythematosus do not eat; phlegm treatment and lymphatic tuberculosis, bronchial asthma are also avoided. It is important to note that the fish should not be fried with butter or sheep, and should not be eaten with licorice or schizonepeta.

The octopus has the effect of strengthening the essence of the aphrodisiac and replenishing the five internal organs. It has a regulating effect on lack of blood, lack of food, dry skin and impotence. It can also be used as a diet for prolonged hepatitis and chronic hepatitis; eating fish often can moisturize the skin and maintain skin elasticity.

10, bring fish

It is recommended to cook the loach by steaming or stewing, which can better preserve its nutritional value. If it can be eaten with tofu, the calcium supplement effect will be better.

The loach has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, nourishing the kidney and improving the essence, and has a good effect on the regulatory function. A special protein contained in loach can promote the formation of sperm and has a certain effect on male infertility. Adult men often eat muddy to nourish and strengthen themselves.

9, loach

The scallops need to be soaked before cooking, but the method is relatively simple. It can be soaked in a small amount of hot water about 8 hours in advance. When it is lightly pinched with a finger, it is made well, and it is mixed with the original soup. It can also be washed in cold water, in a bowl, add appropriate amount of onion, ginger, cooking wine and fresh soup. Steam on the basket for about 2 hours, gently squeeze it into a silky shape by hand, and mix the original soup into the dish.

The scorpion, also known as scallop, is a delicious and nutritious food with high protein and low fat that is very familiar and commonly used by Guangdong people. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Chinese medicine believes that it is flat and sweet, nourishing yin and regulating. For example, “With the diet”, it says that it “replenishes the kidney”, “the crisp is the best, the crown of the sea.”

8, scallops

There are also many ways to eat mussels, such as mussels, seaweed, lean broth, mussels, celery, mussels, leeks, pineapple, and mussels. If the digestive function is not very good, you can add yam together for food.

Mussels have the effect of nourishing liver and kidney and benefiting blood. “With the Yi Shi Diet Spectrum” said that it “reinforcing the kidney, benefiting blood and filling the essence.” “Materia Medica” also cloud: “Mussels, tonic and kidney-reinforcing drugs, this material is a class, the smell is sweet and light, the sex is cool, good governance kidney deficiency and heat.” So, kidney deficiency, thin, labor Hot bone steaming, vertigo, night sweats, low back pain, impotence, the best food.

7, mussels

Need to pay attention to the snake meat must be thoroughly penetrated before it can be eaten safely. Snake meat should not be soaked in water before cooking, otherwise it will be old and tough and not easy to be cooked. It is very unsanitary to drink snake blood and swallow snakes.

Sea snake can nourish kidney and strengthen yang, cure kidney deficiency and impotence, and has the effect of phlegm and blood circulation, promoting blood circulation and nourishing skin. Snake meat contains a variety of essential amino acids, including glutamate, which enhances the vitality of brain cells, and nutrients such as aspartic acid, which can relieve the fatigue of the human body. It is a good food for mental workers.

6, sea snake

The simpler and better way to supplement the sea cucumber method. Sea cucumber is good, it is generally recommended to use honey or rice porridge to eat to make a balanced tonic. Adding mushrooms and other seasonings to the rice porridge can also make the sea cucumber more delicious. If it is soup, it is recommended to use chicken or lean meat, and then the soup is cooked, and then the sea cucumber (usually hot soup for ten minutes) can be heat-sterilized.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that sea cucumber, sweet and salty, kidney, beneficial essence, aphrodisiac treatment, its warmth. Sea cucumber arginine is the most abundant, known as “arginine monopoly”. As we all know, arginine is the main component of male sperm cells, and it is the main raw material for synthesizing human collagen. It can promote the regeneration of body cells and the repair of damaged bodies. It can also improve the immune function of the human body and prolong life.

5, sea cucumber

The DHA content of the muscle fat of the squid is very high. In order to avoid the loss of valuable DHA in the fish while eating, it is necessary to pay attention to reasonable cooking methods. DHA is not resistant to high heat, so for DHA-rich fish, it is recommended to use steaming or stewing. It is not recommended to fry, because too high frying temperature will greatly damage valuable DHA.

Squid is rich in digestible protein, fat, vitamin B2, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iron, selenium and so on. Chinese medicine believes that squid is warm and sweet, and has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing the liver and kidney, relieving cough and removing phlegm. In winter, the squid is fat, the meat is white as snow, and the fish is delicate. It is the best season for squid.

4, squid

Pay attention to safety and hygiene when eating shrimp. Shrimp may have bacteria and parasites that are resistant to low temperatures. Even vinegar and mustard cannot completely kill them, so it is recommended to eat them thoroughly. Shrimp that can’t be eaten should be put into the refrigerator for refrigerating, and it needs to be heated before eating again.

Many people like to eat shrimp, but while we taste the deliciousness of the shrimp, we don’t know that it actually has a very good function of kidney and impotence. Health experts recommend that eating shrimp can make up the kidneys, especially the freshwater live shrimp has the strongest effect.

3, shrimp

Hippocampus can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. For example, for impotence of kidney yang deficiency, frequent nocturia, etc., a pair of hippocampus can be taken, and a pound of liquor can be made into hippocampus. It can also be mixed with ginseng, rehmannia, and medlar. Co-made to become a medicated diet. If it is caused by kidney yang deficiency, such as waist and knee cold, chills and cold, then the hippocampus can be combined with walnut, codonopsis, and apricot to make medicines, such as hippocampus lean meat soup.

Hippocampus is sweet, warm, and it is liver and kidney. It has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, regulating qi and promoting blood circulation. Commonly used to treat impotence, enuresis, bruises and other injuries caused by kidney yang deficiency.

2. Hippocampus

When eating oysters, you should try to avoid raw food to avoid the health of the pathogenic bacteria contained in raw oyster meat.

Oysters are also called oysters and scorpions. It is rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugar and other vitamins. Its taste is salty, slightly cold, and it has the effect of nourishing yin and yang, and tonifying kidney and phlegm. Men often eat oysters to improve sexual function and sperm quality. It has a good effect on male nocturnal emission, fatigue, kidney deficiency and impotence.

1, oysters

Seafood is not only rich in nutrients, but also has the effect of tonifying kidney and impotence for men. There are many seafoods in life, such as oysters, seahorses, shrimps, etc. There are so many kinds of seafood, do you know which seafood can make kidney and impotence? Here is the introduction. 10 kinds of seafood for kidney and impotence.