When a man has night sweats, we first think of kidney deficiency

When a man has night sweats, we first think of kidney deficiency. So night sweats are only as simple as kidney deficiency. In fact, there are many reasons for men’s night sweats. We must understand the causes of night sweats, and then target them. For treatment, what is the reason for men’s night sweats?


Causes of night sweats: tuberculosis

One of the symptoms of kidney deficiency is night sweats, but men have night sweats, which is not necessarily kidney deficiency. The main symptoms of tuberculosis also include night sweats.

Causes of night sweats 2: low blood sugar

Early symptoms of diabetes also include hyperhidrosis, dizziness, nausea, and when sweating and dizziness occur, you can first check whether blood sugar has decreased.

Causes of night sweats: heart disease

Excessive sweating occurs when kidney deficiency occurs, but it is not accompanied by pain. If this happens, it may be caused by damage to the heart muscle due to insufficient blood supply to the heart. Its performance includes: chest pain or pressure, which lasts for a few minutes. Pain also migrates to your shoulders, arms or back.

Nighttime night sweats four reasons: thyroid

When the human thyroid gland is excessively secreted, the phenomenon of “hyperthyroidism” will occur, and the body will experience symptoms such as weight loss, sweating, and heat. So you can check if the thyroid is out of order.