Twisting the waist, holding the handle or pulling a weight of a certai

isting the waist, holding the handle or pulling a weight of a certain weight, doing twisting and turning exercises in various postures to exercise the external oblique muscles and the waist muscles. The above methods of exercising the abdominal muscles can be based on oneself The situation is selected, and according to the physical condition, the amount of exercise is reduced from the beginning to the end, and it is gradually increased twice a day.

5. “Treading the bicycle” in the supine position. Turning the legs and legs in turn, imitating the movement of the bicycle, the movement is faster and more flexible, and the range of flexion and extension should be as large as possible. It lasts for 20~30 seconds.

Fourth, the sitting type of the supine position is mainly for the upper and lower abdominal muscles. The legs are straight, the upper body is reclined, the body is balanced, and then the knees are abdomen, so that the abdominal muscles are extremely bent In practice, the feet can not always Touch the ground or the bed.

Third, the leg abdomen is mainly to exercise the lower abdomen muscles. The upper body is lying flat, the legs are straight and raised as high as possible, and then slowly put down. After this exercise is done, the knees continue to do the Same movement. Repeat 8 times .

Second, the leg movements are supine. The arms are flat on the ground, the legs are straightened and the knees are lifted at the same time, inhale, so that the thighs are close to the abdomen, then exhale, slow restore. Repeat 8 Times.

The legs are separated, the two arms are lifted horizontally, the upper body is flexed forward, the left foot is used to reach the right foot, the right arm is naturally lifted, the legs and arms Are not bent, inhaled, and then restored. Exhale. Repeat the direction again and repeat 8 times.

There are several methods for men to exercise abdominal muscles:

What are the methods for men to exercise abdominal muscles?

Men the For, the HAVING muscles IS Their Pursuit, and that IT IS Men Show at The Capital OFF. (So), How do Men Exercise Their muscles in Life? Let’s AT some of the Take A look at The Ways Men Exercise Their abdominal muscles!