Doctor’s suggestion: In order to prevent male infertili

Doctor’s suggestion: In order to prevent male infertility, usually men in the office can go to the toilet for half an hour, and at the same time, they can move under the bones and look down into the distance, which can effectively prevent such diseases. Usually the daily diet is also very important, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy food.

Men in sedentary offices have a generality. Most of them go from work in the morning to work in the afternoon. After returning home, they still sit in front of the computer to play computer or work. Drinking less water at work, the time to go to the toilet is reluctant. This will increase the local temperature of the genitals and scrotum, prone to prostatitis and testicular spermatogenesis, and it is very likely to cause male infertility.

Infertile men in China have been showing growth, and there are many reasons for eating, but long-term sedentary and excessive radiation are also a major incentive. Some doctors have said that “the number of male infertility patients who sit in the office and face the computer for a long time every day has increased significantly.”

Excessive radiation ~ reduce fertility

Doctor’s small suggestion: First of all, we must make regular work schedules. Even if the work is not completed, we can get up early tomorrow, and we must not stay up late. Secondly, we must pay attention to the supplement of nutrition. The energy consumed by the night-nighters is more than that of ordinary people. Therefore, the loss of nutrition is fast. Usually, you can eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges. Finally, those who stay up late can choose nutritious foods such as yogurt, fruit, and porridge as nightingales, which can supplement energy and prevent weight gain.

Experts pointed out that men who stay up late for a long time may have the following symptoms: dysfunction, endocrine disorders, neurasthenia, memory loss, dizziness, inattention, unresponsiveness, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache, etc. Eating nightingales increases the burden on the stomach and the diet is not balanced, which causes stomach problems.

For all men at work, evening is the best time to work, and at this time their thoughts are often very clear, sometimes even working until dawn.

Stay up late~ neurasthenia, lack of concentration

Doctor’s advice: If you can, it is best not to drink alcohol. Even if you can’t avoid it, you should pay more attention to your diet. You should learn to adjust your own biological clock to ensure adequate sleep, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and have certain methods for liver function.

According to scientists, drinking 80-150 grams of white wine daily can cause liver damage for 5 consecutive years. A large number of drinking white wine for more than 20 years, 40%-50% of people will have cirrhosis, 200 grams of white wine per day for 10 years can appear fatty liver. This also proves that alcohol has great damage to the liver. In addition, long-term drinking, it will also cause imbalanced diet, low immunity, and easy to form cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

Everyone knows that drinking and hurting, but why drink it? For business, for friends, for face ~~~. The body that can damage you, the one who loves you is worried.

When men work outside, it is inevitable that there will be entertainment, but “no wine is not a seat,” so wine is an indispensable part of the man. According to a medical examination in Beijing, the incidence of fatty liver in men is 22.28% of all people. Men are socializing outside, usually have a meal at night, drink drunk, and sleep in the sun during the day, this behavior is particularly hurt.

Drink too much ~ increase the burden of internal organs, fatty liver

Doctor’s suggestion: Men want to protect the waist, usually exercise properly, but should not be too strong, keep a posture for too long, pay more attention to calcium supplements, such as the body has obvious pain, should go to the hospital immediately.

Now in the Internet age, a lot of work is done on the Internet. It is normal for men to sit in front of the computer and go to work. In this way, the waist muscle tissue is not strong enough and strong, so the normal “mission” supporting the entire upper body is actually very difficult for the waist. Chinese medicine has said that the waist is the house of the kidney, so the waist is damaged, which can also cause male sexual dysfunction, resulting in low sexual desire.

Experts say that the most important component of the intervertebral disc is water. This substance has been reduced since the age of 20, and the lower limit of the time when the “proteoglycan” responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the intervertebral disc begins to decrease is 30 years old. Therefore, older men are more likely to suffer from lumbar spondylosis.

Compared with women, men are more likely to suffer from lumbar spondylosis than women. The heavy work in the family is done by men. Not only that, but even sitting on the sofa for a long time watching TV will damage the waist, so the man’s waist Where can I go!

Overworked ~ Loss of the psoas, depressive


Men are the main source of income for the family. The health of men is related to the safety of the whole family. They go out early and late every day, do not pay attention to diet and exercise, and health is really worrying. If you want to know whether men are healthy or not, you need to understand these deadly “Men are sick.”