With the continuous development of medical tech

With the continuous development of medical technology, today’s birth of children is not only a matter of birth, caesarean section is also a way to have children, women can choose the production method according to the baby and their own situation. But in either case, the harm to women is not small. So how do women with caesarean section have a confinement after childbirth? What are the precautions for confinement?

Caesarean section how to confine

1. A lot of water is added.

Caesarean section women should drink plenty of water during the month. This is not only to prevent constipation but also to help breastfeeding.

2, care for wounds.

Try not to have big movements after childbirth. When you cough or laugh, you can hold the wound by hand or use your pillow to hold the abdomen above, which helps to relieve the pain. Take care of the wound and prevent infection. If you have signs of redness, swelling, or even fever, you should see a doctor right away.

3. Carefully observe the lochia.

The postpartum maternal vaginal discharge is greatly increased, but as the body gradually recovers, the amount of lochia will decrease, and the color of the lochia will gradually change from bright red to pink, and finally to yellow-white. A detailed investigation of lochia is a must-do for caesarean section. If you find that there is abnormality in the lochia, you should see a doctor immediately.

4, clothing should be loose.

Maternal women should choose the big one strap trousers or flat feet briefs.

5, can do the right amount of exercise.

6-8 weeks after surgery, you can start some moderate exercise activities, but you must be approved by a doctor before you can. If the body of a caesarean section is to be fully restored to pre-pregnancy levels, it may take several months to a year depending on individual circumstances.

Caesarean section to pay attention to the month

1. Relax your mind

After returning home from the hospital, don’t expect yourself to return to normal immediately. After caesarean section, it may take about 6 months for the body to fully recover. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the mood and prepare for a “protracted war.”

2, adhere to medication

If the mother is discharged from the hospital, the doctor will open the medicine at home, insist on eating, and do not stop taking the medicine as soon as he returns home. Do not take aspirin or a drug containing a salicylic acid preparation during breastfeeding.

3, drink plenty of water

During the confinement period, the mother should drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. At the same time, it is also beneficial for breastfeeding.

4, wearing large underwear

Choosing the panties or flat-leg panties of the larger one may make the wound feel more comfortable. Sometimes a period of time, mothers may also need to wear loose pregnant women dress.

5, protect the wound

If the wound shows signs of infection, including fever, redness or swelling of the wound; exudation at the wound site; deterioration or sudden pain; or fever, prompt treatment.

6, observe the lochia

Vaginal bleeding and secretions will gradually decrease as the body recovers, and lochia may last for nearly 6 weeks. If the abnormal secretion of the lochia is abnormal, go to the hospital for examination.

7. Timely activities

Don’t lie in bed all day, you can get up and walk around regularly. Walking can promote postoperative recovery and help prevent complications such as blood clots, but activities should not be excessive. Start slowly and gradually increase the amount of activity.

8, do not carry weight

Do not lift heavy objects after caesarean section, so as not to pull the wound.

9, don’t drive

In the UK, doctors are likely to recommend caesarean section women not to drive for five or six weeks, because body rotation may make you feel painful, especially when you step on the brakes. In China, although doctors may not have a clear recommendation in this regard, maternity may still refer to the practice of British doctors. If you have any special circumstances, be sure to consult a doctor.

10, postpartum contraception

If you feel good after delivery, with the doctor’s consent, the mother can return to the same room 4-6 weeks after delivery. However, since many doctors recommend safer re-pregnancy for at least 2 years after caesarean section, it is best to take contraceptive measures.