Caesarean section mothers can wash their hair around 14

Caesarean section mothers can wash their hair around 14 days after delivery. This is mainly to see the recovery of the knife edge, can you bend over, for those who heal slowly, do not rush to wash your hair to avoid tearing the wound.

A mother who has a good birth can usually wash her hair in about 7 days. The new mother has a lot of bleeding during childbirth, plus sweating, backache, abdominal pain, very depleted physical strength, blood, bones and weakness are very weak, this time is very easy to catch cold. Wash your hair in the environment where the doors and windows are closed, without cold air and hot air. After washing your hair, blow it dry in time. Do not wet your hair and leave the room. This will definitely make you sick.

How long does it take to wash your hair?

7, combing hair is best to use a wooden comb to avoid static electricity to stimulate the scalp.

6. When you are confined, you can wash your hair at home. It is best not to go to a barber shop or a beauty salon. The home can maintain a constant warmer temperature, and these places are usually cold, so they are washed. After the hair, the scalp may be affected by the cold wind and cause headaches.

5, after washing the head, do not scar when the hair is not dry, can not sleep immediately, to avoid wet evil invade the body, causing headache and neck pain.

4. After washing the hair, dry the hair in time, then wrap it with a dry towel to avoid taking a lot of heat when the wet hair is volatilized, so that the scalp blood vessels suddenly contract after cold stimulation, causing headache.

3, generally speaking, postpartum hair is more oily, it is also easy to lose hair, do not use too irritating shampoo when you wash your hair.

2, the temperature of the water when sitting on the head should be appropriate, not too cold, it is best to keep around 37 °C.

1. When you are washing your head, you can use the fingertips to massage the scalp. After washing, use a hair dryer to blow dry, avoid cold air.

Seven precautions for confinement

Wash your hair in the month with a hair dryer, or use a dry towel to wipe it, and put on a hat at the same time, otherwise the moisture on the hair will evaporate and take away the heat of the head. It is easy to get cold. Don’t catch a cold in the moon. All right.

How to wash your hair in January?

In the past, because of the restrictions on living standards and conditions, many things can not be done by the mother in the month, but now the standard of living has improved. Things that could not be done before can now be done, such as shampooing, now sitting on the moon. The child can wash his hair, but it is a question of how to blow dry. So how do you wash your hair? What are the precautions for sitting on the moon?