3. Lift the breast from below and push the breast up with b

3. Lift the breast from below and push the breast up with both hands. When you massage, your hands must hold the whole breast. The range of motion is as large as the breast mass disappears from the pectoralis major, but it should not be smashed to prevent the breast from being injured.

2, put your hands and fingers close together under the breast obliquely, vibrate the entire breast from the root of the breast, and then use your hands to push the breast up and down.

1. Heat the entire breast with a warm towel. One hand is placed on the other side of the breast, the other hand is pressed against the hand, and the hands are repeatedly pressed to push the breast massage to the center of the chest.

Breast massage:

Breast tenderness is one of the physiological phenomena during pregnancy, and there is no effective prevention method, but breast massage can effectively relieve breast pain, pregnant women may wish to learn.

Third, the prevention of breast pain

(2) Massage. Gently massage the breasts with your hands every day, not only relieves discomfort, but also promotes breast development. However, it is necessary to avoid prolonged hand massage or pulling the nipple, especially pregnant women who have habitual abortion and premature birth experience .

(1) Hot compress. Use a soft hot towel to apply heat and gently wipe to relieve the discomfort of the breast. It is important to note that during this period, the breast is very fragile, and the expectant mother should be gentle in the nursing process to avoid damage to the nipple.

If the pain is severe, you can use the following methods to relieve breast pain:

2, physical methods

As the breast enlarges, the original bra will bind the chest and make people feel uncomfortable. The appropriate bra should be selected according to the size of the breast to relieve the feeling of pain. A cotton bra with a soft texture and no sutures near the nipple will be comfortable to wear and breathable.

1, choose the right bra

Second, the processing method:

The causes of milk deposition are: nipple dysplasia (too small or invagination) hinders breastfeeding; excessive milk or low sucking of the baby, the milk can not be completely empty; the milk duct is impassable, affecting milk discharge. You can use hot water to apply heat and massage locally. After breastfeeding your baby, you can use a breast pump to help suck the milk and try to absorb it. If the lumps have not subsided, or if there is fever or pain, you need to go to the hospital for treatment and prompt treatment under the guidance of a doctor to avoid mastitis.

First, the reasons for breast pain after milking:

When the baby is born, the amount of milk is not big, usually 30 to 40 ml. In order to prevent breast blockage, the baby can not choose to squeeze out the milk, but some women have pain after the milk is squeezed out. In fact, this is a normal performance. It may be that the nipple dysplasia causes the emulsion to accumulate or the milk is too much to cause swelling. So what should I do if my breasts are sore after milking?