Vegetarianism is no longer a strange word. Some peop

Vegetarianism is no longer a strange word. Some people are vegetarian because of their beliefs, but some people choose to be vegetarian in order to keep fit. Vegetarian food is a diet that does not eat meat, poultry, seafood and other animal products. If a vegetarian person quits the meat, can he be thin?

If you are not vegetarian, you may eat more and more fat!

Vegetarians may also eat more and more fat

Vegetarian food has less fat and less calories. It is reasonable to say that it can lose weight. However, the lack of high-quality protein in vegetarian vegetables, even if supplemented with vegetable protein such as beans, is far less absorbed and utilized than animal protein. Long-term vegetarianism, it is easy to cause the above protein deficiency. The lack of protein in the human body, the imbalance between protein, carbohydrate and fat, immune system decline, memory loss, anemia, indigestion will follow. If you used to be a meat eater, suddenly change to vegetarian food, maybe at the beginning, there will be weight loss. But in the long run, the imbalance of nutrition will affect the body’s metabolism, and the calorie intake will be difficult to consume. Losing weight is hard to carry on. Once you eat more, your weight will bounce back.

In addition, although vegetarian food contains less fat, it does not mean that vegetarian food will not consume fat. The texture of the material is not very good. In order to make the taste more delicious, people will put more oil during cooking. In this way, people will ingest a lot of “hidden fat.”

How to eat weight loss?

Losing weight does not necessarily mean vegetarianism, or quit the staple food. Three meals a day, do not go hungry, can also lose weight. But here you should pay attention to the skills of eating.

Chew slowly

Stomach saturation is full of two things. When your brain feels full, you really want to stop eating. In general, after 20 minutes of eating, the brain can sense the feeling of fullness, thus sending a message that people stop eating. If you eat too fast, you have not yet felt full in the brain, you have already ingested a lot of calories, how can you not get fat? Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should chew more than 22 times a meal.

2. Eat with utensils that you are not good at

Eat with utensils that you are not used to, so that you can slow down your meal and make you eat less. Or drink a cup of mulberry leaf lotus leaf before eating, which can also reduce appetite and help to lose weight.

3. Drink soup first and then eat

Drink a few soups before meals, lubricate the mouth and esophagus, prevent dry and hard foods from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, help the food to dilute and stir, and promote digestion and absorption. And most of the soup is water. Drinking a few soups before meals can solve some of the hunger and reduce people’s appetite for high-calorie foods. Then eat dietary fiber-rich vegetables, then eat some meat and staple food.

4. After the meal

Some people even feel that they have not eaten enough after eating, and they will stretch their hands to the snacks next to them. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with water after meals. The mouthwash will clean the mouth. When you want to eat, you will imply that you have already passed the mouth and can no longer eat