If you are a face like a peach, it is definitely more like

If you are a face like a peach, it is definitely more like a man, but as you get older and add some bad habits in your life, or don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your face, then you will gradually embark on ” Huang Fapo’s no return. How can we thoroughly “sweep the yellow”? The method is definitely there. The following tricks allow you to bid farewell to the yellow face.


First, let’s see what causes you to become a yellow face.

1, drink less water

Huang Yingpo has these things in common and does not take the initiative to drink water. The public girlfriend Jia Baoyu said that women are made of water. How can a woman who lacks water be watery? The body is dehydrated and the body is not well circulated. The transportation of nutrients and the metabolism of skin cells are blocked. The yellowing and dryness of the skin is only an external manifestation. In fact, it is a problem of nutrient transport and waste metabolism inside the body.

2, do not pay attention to sunscreen.

UVA in the ultraviolet light is the biggest killer of the skin. It can penetrate the glass, clouds and water, directly damage the skin cells of the dermis, and bring irreversible damage. Therefore, the woman whose face is not sun-protected becomes black and yellow. It is very normal. And the sunscreen is going to be done all year round, not just summer.

3, do not eat or just eat a little staple food.

Many women in order to keep their body eating a small staple food or simply do not eat the staple food, resulting in severe damage to the spleen and stomach transport function, because the spleen and stomach need to have the fine grain to raise, long-term down is bound to lack of blood, in the face is the face is yellow hair Dark, this is one of the main reasons why many young girls become prematurely yellow.

How to bid farewell to the yellow face?

1. Refuse to eat meat, especially red meat.

There is not only fat in the meat, but also the high-quality protein we need. There is also rich iron in the red meat. If you don’t eat meat for a long time and don’t pay attention to the nutritional mix of other foods, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia, and iron is the oxygen in the body. The carrier, the skin at the nerves and blood vessels, the oxygen and nutrient deficiency will certainly not have a good color.

2. Drink more barley tea.

Barley tea can be homemade or you can buy an existing tea bag on the market. Barley Tea is made from glutinous rice kernels, red bean, light bamboo leaves, purslane, glutinous rice, medlar, and green tea. It has a good effect on dehumidifying whitening. Every day, a cup of barley tea, Xiaobian personally try, less than a week. I saw a good result.

3. Reject the grease.

Still to lose weight, I can’t wait to eat boiled vegetables every time. The heat of vegetable oil is as high as animal oil, or it is better to eat less. This is a lot of people’s weight loss misunderstanding. In fact, vegetable oil makes us one of the important sources of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. They form the cell membrane, maintain the normal metabolism of the cells, lack the nutrient deficiency of their skin cells, and the waste can not get out. The yellow face is formed like this. It is.

4, eat more potatoes.

Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose. They also contain nutrients such as trace elements, proteins, fats and high-quality starch. These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging disease prevention process, which can effectively help women detoxify the body, which is rich in vitamin C to make women restore whitening skin. In addition, the crude fiber in the potato can also play a laxative effect.

If you don’t pay attention, it will be a long-term thing to become a yellow-faced woman, but it will not be easy to change from the yellow-faced woman to the previous white-looking appearance. Therefore, everyone must insist on going on the road of bid farewell to the yellow-faced woman. The beauty is back to my face again.