When it comes to lily, the first thing we think of is Li

When it comes to lily, the first thing we think of is Lily Dated Tea. This tea is a must for many people with insomnia, but maybe we don’t have such a common sense of food. Lily can help the lungs and beauty. So, today we will summarize the 9 functions of Lily.

Lily’s 9 magical effects help sleep Ning Shen beauty beauty

9 effects of lily

1, soothe the nerves to help sleep: Lily into the heart, sexually cold, can clear the heart to remove trouble, Ning Xin An Shen, used for fever after the heat has not disappeared, thoughts, insomnia, dreams, depression, like sadness and crying. Drink a cup of lily jujube tea every day before going to bed, and sleep better.

2, lungs and cough: Lily fresh products contain mucus, have a moisturizing effect, Chinese medicine treatment of lung dryness or lung heat cough and other symptoms can often work.

3, beauty and beauty: Lily white and delicate, fresh products are rich in mucus and vitamins, beneficial to the metabolism of skin cells, often eat lily, have a certain cosmetic effect.

4, anti-cancer anti-cancer: Lily contains a variety of alkaloids, has a preventive effect on leukopenia, can raise blood cells, has a therapeutic effect on chemotherapy and radiotherapy after cell reduction. Lily can also promote and enhance the monocyte system and phagocytic function in the body, and improve the body’s humoral immunity. Therefore, lily has a good anti-smelting effect on a variety of cancers.

5, thirst quenching and moistening: people with poor bronchial consumption of lily can help improve the condition.

6, nourishing and curing: Lily has a good nutritional and nourishing power, especially for the disease after the illness, neurasthenia and other diseases have great benefits.

7, auxiliary care: Lily is commonly used in the clinical treatment of leukemia, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and other diseases.

8, has the effect of treating depression type stomach pain.

9, clear fire and Yin: Lily and rock sugar, mung bean with porridge, soup, can clear the fire and Yin.

Lily has a lot of effects, and often drink Lily Dated Tea, Lily Red Date Soup can help sleep, beauty and beauty, one step in place.