cent years, reports on infants or children with precocio

In recent years, reports on infants or children with precocious puberty have been commonplace, and there are often media complaints that this is caused by food. Will food lead to precocious puberty? Let’s take a look at the treasure moms.

Bao Ma must see: these foods will not cause “precocious puberty”

1. Plant “hormone”

Usually, the description of plant “hormone” is “ripening”, the most typical one is the top flower barbed cucumber, the ripening tropical fruit, the water boosted by the swelling agent, the off-season vegetable, and the rootless bean sprout. In fact, strictly speaking, these effects should be called plant growth regulators, but the media put them on the label of “hormone”.

Will phytohormone lead to precocious puberty? In fact, animals and plants are completely different. The physiological and biochemical mechanisms of the two are completely different. There is no chemical structural similarity between plant hormones and human hormones.

2. Colostrum

The same type of hormone, human milk, especially human colostrum is generally higher than ordinary milk and bovine colostrum.

If the hormones in bovine colostrum (or milk) can cause precocious puberty, aren’t breastfeeding children all precocious?

3. Other animal foods

Common sayings include contraceptive-fed squid and aquatic products, fast-growing chickens that have hormones, and fattening pigs.

In fact, it is impossible for squid to feed birth control pills or hormones, or it will only die faster. Fast-growing chickens belong to “fast large white chickens”, and fast-growing is the result of improved breeding and scientific feeding. The fast-growing chicken exposed by CCTV is an antibiotic that is not related to hormones.

“Fat-fed” pigs may have hormonal problems, but not sex hormones, but B-receptor agonists, which are adrenergic drugs, also known as clenbuterol. In China, there have been poisoning caused by the abuse of lean meat, but it is mainly caused by muscle tremor and abnormal heart rate. It is irrelevant to precocious puberty.

4. Tofu, soy milk

Some media quoted experts as saying that soy products contain estrogen-like “soy isoflavones” or cause precocious puberty in infants and children. In fact, it does not have the role of estrogen, and the content in soy products is also very limited.