Pay attention to the cleansing and hydrating of the skin

Pay attention to the cleansing and hydrating of the skin, and apply a moisturizing mask. Pay attention to sun protection and protect the skin when going out. In addition, try to make up as little as possible, even if the make-up should be completely removed, so as not to rub the skin with heavy metal elements in cosmetics.

4. Care for the skin

Toxins in the body are also the murderers of dark yellow complexion. Toxins accumulate in the body and cannot be discharged. It is easy to stay in the skin and cause dullness and acne. When you are in the morning or at work, you can drink a cup of dandelion root tea and heat it to the fire. At the same time, it can also detoxify and nourish the skin, often drink dandelion tea, which is more beneficial to the body.

3. Promote detoxification

Also eat more vegetables rich in high-quality protein and folic acid, try to achieve a balanced diet, while eating less cold and cold food and spicy food.

In the diet, you should eat more qi and blood food, such as pork, pork belly, chicken and so on.

2. Pay attention to diet

In addition, good living habits can help the skin stay young and develop good looks. For example, to maintain frequent participation in outing activities, to maintain a happy state of mind, peace of mind, physical metabolism, blood and blood running are in normal orbit, dark yellow complexion will naturally disappear.

Because long-term staying up late or insomnia, resulting in liver and gallbladder can not get enough rest, there will be problems such as rough skin, dark spots, yellow complexion, etc. In order to change the condition of dark yellow, the first step is to let the liver and gallbladder rest.

Healthy life

Four strokes and a dark complexion, say goodbye, you are still white

The skin is white and good, and it is a state that many women want to have. However, due to the yellowish nature of Asians, coupled with the busy and unhealthy lifestyle of today’s work, many women’s faces have exceeded the level of ordinary yellows, and the appearance of dark yellow is really high. upset. How do you say goodbye to your face? Let’s take a look at these four tricks together, and you will be ashamed.