Female palace cold not only causes symptoms s

Female palace cold not only causes symptoms such as dysmenorrhea amenorrhea, but also triggers a series of gynecological diseases. Therefore, in daily life and diet, everyone must learn to use food to regulate the uterus and regulate diseases such as irregular menstruation.

Production method: first clean the old hen and clean the angelica. After that, put the old hen in a casserole, add angelica, ginger, rice wine, green onions, pepper and seasonings. Stew for 3 hours on low heat and serve.

Ingredients needed: Angelica, old hen, rice wine, ginger, green onion, pepper

Few people know that Angelica chicken is a good treatment for dysmenorrhea. In addition, Angelica chicken also has the effect of blood, liver and menstruation. Women often drink angelica chicken, but also can warm the body, the nutritional value is very high. If you have symptoms of irregular menstruation and menstrual cramps, you may want to drink a bowl of angelica chicken a day before the menstruation.

4, angelica chicken

Production method: Wash the hawthorn and red dates, and then take out the core of hawthorn and red dates. After that, the ginger is washed and cut into ginger. After that, put the hawthorn, red dates, ginger and brown sugar into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water for medium-temperature cooking, and then serve the pot after 10 minutes.

Ingredients required: appropriate amount of hawthorn, appropriate amount of red dates, moderate amount of brown sugar, a little ginger

The mountain is sour and sweet, many people like it. The red dates not only have the effect of enriching blood, but also relieve dysmenorrhea. Hawthorn jujube tea has the effect of warming the veins, relieving phlegm and relieving pain. For women with dysmenorrhea, there are many curative effects, so women with dysmenorrhea should drink some hawthorn jujube tea in peacetime.

3, hawthorn red dates tea

Production method: clean the dried ginger and jujube, then cut the dried ginger into ginger, and remove the jujube from the jujube. Then add the ginger and jujube and brown sugar to the right amount of water, cook together, boil until boiled.

Ingredients needed: 30 grams of dried ginger, 30 grams of jujube, 30 grams of brown sugar

Jujube and brown sugar water have the effect of relieving menstrual pain. When cooked with ginger and red dates, it not only has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, but also can fundamentally solve the problem of dysmenorrhea. In addition, it can also solve the problem of melasma on the face, which is a good conditioning for women.

2, ginger jujube brown sugar water

How to make: First, wash the motherwort, then cut and drain the water. Then add the cleaned motherwort to the pot with the right amount of water, then wash the eggs into the pot, and cook for about 20 minutes, then remove the eggs and remove the shell. Then put the eggs after removing the shell into the pot, and then continue to cook for 20 minutes to eat out.

Ingredients needed: Motherwort, eggs

For women with frequent dysmenorrhea, Motherwort believes that everyone will not feel strange, because the therapeutic effect of Motherwort on dysmenorrhea is very significant. However, if you use the motherwort to boil the eggs, the effect will be better. Therefore, women who often have dysmenorrhea can start eating some mother-boiled eggs before menstruation, not only nutrition but also menstruation.

1, motherwort boiled eggs


Female palace cold not only causes symptoms such as dysmenorrhea amenorrhea, but also triggers a series of gynecological diseases. Therefore, when women appear in the palace cold must be timely conditioning, how to regulate the palace cold? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce four health recipes to help you regulate the palace cold away from dysmenorrhea!