Brush your feet and warm the water. Brushing

Brush your feet and warm the water. Brushing teeth in winter is better with warm water, which can maintain the comfort of the mouth and prevent the occurrence of related dental diseases. In addition, hot water is used when soaking the feet, which helps to activate the muscles and bones, promote blood circulation of the body, and improve sleep.

The diet focuses on more conditioning. Women’s winter diet, focusing on “yin-yin” foods, on the one hand can nourish Yin and lungs, on the other hand, it can also increase calories, resist cold, like jujube, radish, soybeans, etc. are good winter food.

Emotional optimism remains good. Women’s feelings tend to be more delicate, especially in winter, when the weather is dry, and negative emotions are often easier to get angry. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to the maintenance of optimism.

Maintain more hydrating skin. The skin should pay attention to more hydration, bathing can not use overheated water, can not be too hard to rub, after bathing, apply moisturizing liquid is better, if there is a wound, it should be treated in time to avoid infection.

Hot drinks eat spicy and damp cold. Pay attention to hot food to avoid damage to the stomach. If the rice is cold, you should eat it hot and hot. In addition, you can eat less spicy food, cold and warm, and the effect is obvious.

Open the window to welcome the fresh air. In winter, you should also pay attention to opening the window, otherwise the carbon dioxide will accumulate. Therefore, when the winter is not too cold, you can turn off the air conditioner in the house, open the window and breathe some fresh air.

Pay attention to the cold and not stay up late. Due to the special nature of the female body, when the winter weather is cold, pay attention to cold protection. At the same time, you can’t stay up late, go to bed early and get up early to keep your skin healthy.

Psychological adjustment should be emphasized. Winter is often the season of alternating cold and warm, but also pay attention to psychological adjustments. When things are more discussed, more communication with friends around you, maintaining an open mind and psychological comfort.


Winter has arrived, how should women be healthy in the cold winter ? What do you know about winter women’s health knowledge? Let’s get to know it!