As a good tonic food, the mother can eat th

As a good tonic food, the mother can eat the shrimp in moderation, but the precautions for the mother to eat the shrimp must be understood, the shrimp selected for the mother must be fresh, but also remove the shrimp line on the shrimp back. Appropriate consumption of shrimp is conducive to the health of the mother. The above-mentioned practice of eating shrimp in the maternal should be understood!

Efficacy: oily prawn tastes rich, and the color is attractive, which is beneficial to improve maternal appetite, stimulate maternal taste buds, enhance maternal appetite, and help maternal supplement protein and other nutrients, which is conducive to maternal postpartum recovery.

6. Add a small amount of water, cover the lid, and simmer for a while. After the soup shrinks, you can turn off the sauce.

5, the ginger is shredded and then added to the pot, add the right amount of tomato sauce, stir well.

4, add the right amount of cooking wine, soy sauce and sugar, and stir fry until even.

3. Add the shrimp and wait until the shrimp is cooked and then turn over the other side to continue frying.

2, pour the right amount of oil into the pot, add the chopped green onion and a few small pieces of ginger, until the ginger shrinks, the onion is light brown and then taken out.

1. Wash the shrimps and remove them to the feet. Use a knife to open the shrimps.

Ingredients: shrimp, ginger, onion, tomato sauce, water, cooking wine, sugar and soy sauce.

Oily shrimp

Efficacy: After maternal production, the body is exhausted, and it is easy to have poor appetite. Steamed shrimp can not only preserve the original sweet taste of the shrimp, but also improve the appetite of the mother and improve the appetite of the mother. It can help the mother to supplement the nutrition and facilitate the postpartum recovery of the mother.

3, into the steamer, steamed for four or five minutes after the steaming.

2. Wash the shrimps to the line, cut the onions and place them on the shrimps.

1. Pour the right amount of cooking wine into the plate.


Ingredients: 10 shrimps, appropriate amount of onions, cooking wine.

Steamed shrimp

Maternal eating shrimp

First of all, be sure to choose fresher shrimp, the shrimp line on the back of the shrimp must be picked. Secondly, when you eat shrimp, you need an appropriate amount. If you eat too much, it will affect the absorption of calcium. At the same time, women with allergies or spleen and stomach deficiency need to eat less shrimp, and women with allergies cannot eat shrimp. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, you need to eat less shrimp at first, and observe if your baby has eczema. If you don’t have it, you can eat more.

Precautions for maternal shrimp

Shrimp is rich in potassium, and the mother eats shrimp, which can supplement potassium, which helps the mother to maintain the acid-base balance in the body. Shrimp is also rich in niacin, maternal shrimp, can supplement niacin, help maintain the function of the digestive system, promote blood circulation, and also help the maternal skin health.

Shrimp is rich in protein, maternal postpartum loss of nutrients, easy to lead to decreased body immunity, easy to get sick, eating shrimp helps the mother to supplement high-quality protein, improve maternal immunity, enhance resistance, help the weak body after maternal production restore. Maternal body weakness after childbirth, often feel poor appetite, loss of appetite. Shrimp tastes delicious and unique, and it is easy to cause maternal attention. Maternal consumption of shrimp is beneficial to improve appetite and increase appetite.

Maternal women can eat shrimp. The nutrients of shrimp are very rich, such as high-quality protein, niacin, minerals, vitamins, etc. Maternal women will lose a lot of nutrients due to bleeding during production. Eating shrimp can help women to supplement nutrients and promote maternal Postpartum recovery.

Can I eat shrimp during the maternal month?

Shrimp is a kind of seafood food that most of us like to eat. It has high nutritional value. Many people regard it as a tonic. We all know that maternal labor consumes a lot of energy and sweat, so the mother can Do you eat shrimp tonic? Can you eat shrimp during the maternal month? What are the precautions for maternal shrimp? Do you know what the practice of eating shrimp?