People who practice badminton for a long tim

People who practice badminton for a long time will have this feeling: by constantly observing the swing situation of the opponent and the ball in high-speed flight, the experienced athlete can look like a martial arts master, and see the small movement of the racket flip change at the moment of the opponent hitting the ball. . In fact, the reason why people practice “eyes fast” is simple: because the speed of badminton in sports is very fast (according to statistics, the speed of a good athlete can reach 350 kilometers per hour), which requires the eyes of the other player to be tight. Following the high-speed flying sphere, the ciliary muscles of the eye continue to contract and relax, which greatly promotes the blood supply of the eye tissue, thereby improving the function of the ciliary muscle. Long-term exercise can improve the visual sensitivity of the human eye and the responsiveness of the eye. For ordinary hobbyists, especially middle-aged and over-the-eye people, if you can practice, the visual sensitivity will be significantly improved.

Some people say that badminton is a sport that can make people’s eyes, hands fast, and exercise all over the body. I think this is very appropriate.

Playing badminton can achieve weight loss

Relaxation: The time should not be less than 20 minutes. The two relax each other, and they can relax themselves, and relax the leg and arm muscles by pressing, stepping, and rubbing.

Preparation activities: The time should not be less than 10 minutes. Jogging, leg press, ankle joint, and stretching of muscles in various parts are common methods. The purpose is to make the joints of the body move open, and it is better to sweat slightly.

Before playing badminton, the preparation activities are not enough, it is easy to get hurt; if you don’t relax after playing the ball, it will lead to fatigue, which will not ease easily. It will affect the next day when you go to work, and it will cause excessive fatigue, thus losing the desire to exercise again.

Badminton can exercise without any muscles, bones and eyes. In addition, you can lose weight, play once in 2 or 3 days, and do not need to be too long, enough to have the effect of losing weight.

The 16 feathers on the badminton determine whether it can fly smoothly. The best feathers should be hard, straight, and durable, and the drop speed is the best. The chicken and duck’s scorpion has a thin tube and a thin tube wall, which is easy to bend and deform, so the quality is not guaranteed. The length of the feather should be between 60-70 mm, and the interval should be even, the thickness should be the same. There should be no problems such as pours, broken stems, and insects, otherwise the ball will not take the right path.

The quality of the badminton bottom determines the size of the ball’s elasticity. If it is an outdoor ball, the rubber must be thin and even and tightly bonded. If it is an outdoor ball, the wood should be soft and the sheepskin should be tightly packed.

Most of the ones we use in our homes are outdoor balls. The bottom of the ball is made of red rubber and can be played far without too much power. The regular game ball is a white-headed indoor badminton. The bottom of the ball is made of softwood and outsourced with white sheepskin, suitable for indoor competitions. There is also a kind of all-plastic badminton which is also very popular, but it is less flexible. It is recommended that readers who want to learn the real kung fu should not use such badminton.

Badminton is divided into indoor and outdoor. For ordinary fans, a 20-40 yuan ball is enough. But many people don’t know that balls of the same price are divided into indoor and outdoor types.

There are not many equipments required for playing badminton, and the price is not expensive, so many people will always have a pair of beats at home. However, the selection and preservation of equipment is very knowledgeable.

Equipment selection

Long-term badminton exercise can make your heart beat strong and powerful, and your lung capacity will increase. At the same time, badminton is also very suitable for people who are losing weight. In badminton, you need to constantly use the power of your wrists and arms to hold and swing, and also fully exercise the ankle, knee, shoulder, hip, etc., so the exercise for the whole body muscles and joints is sufficient. of. Moreover, during the process of picking up the ball and catching the ball, you will continue to bend and raise your head. This will also make the muscles of the waist and abdomen fully exercised. Persevere in playing badminton. After a while, you will find that your body is slim, your muscles are tight, and your physical strength is good.

Playing badminton requires the athlete to keep moving, jumping, swiveling and swinging on the field. It is a kind of general exercise. Therefore, it is possible to increase the strength of the upper limbs, lower limbs and waist muscles, accelerate the blood circulation of the exerciser, and enhance the functions of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. According to statistics, the heart rate of high-intensity badminton players can reach 160-180 beats per minute, the medium-intensity heart rate can reach 140-150 beats per minute, and the low-intensity exercise heart rate can reach 100-130 beats per minute.

Playing badminton and losing weight

Playing badminton can make people “eye fast”, the reason is very simple, because when playing, both sides should often observe the opponent’s swing posture and high-speed flying badminton, the eyes closely follow the high-speed flying objects, the eye’s ciliary muscles It will continue to shrink and relax, greatly promoting the blood circulation of the eye tissue, thereby improving the function of the ciliary muscle. Long-term exercise can improve the visual sensitivity of the human eye and the ability of the eye to respond. For ordinary badminton enthusiasts, especially middle-aged and over-the-eye, if you can play badminton, the visual sensitivity will be significantly improved.

Playing badminton makes people “eyes fast”

Playing badminton is a very good thing for both mind and body, and it is also a sport that can often be seen. So, everyone knows what is the advantage of playing badminton? What should you pay attention to when playing badminton? Let’s take a look at it. Friends who often play badminton can find out.