good news! Chinese actress Wang Zhuoya won the Best Newcomer Award at the 51st Houston International Film Festival

Wang Zhuoya Film Festival Award Winning Wang Zhuoya Awarded Wang Zhuoya Evening Party The United States local time on the evening of April 28th, the 51st Houston International Film Festival Awards Ceremony was held in Houston, USA, the new generation of Chinese actor Wang Zhuoya won the award, and after Yang Mi, another won the US Houston Chinese actress at the International Film Festival. Zhuoya has been highly praised and praised by the judges for her exquisite acting in the film and the performance style of her in-depth performance. She lived up to expectations and made great achievements in many outstanding films and nominees from dozens of countries around the world. The Best Newcomer Award in the main unit of the 51st Houston International Film Festival Competition is truly deserved. As the youngest Chinese actress in this film festival, Wang Zhuoya’s appearance was amazing. She was praised by the chairman of the organizing committee, Hunter, and attracted the attention of countless Chinese and foreign journalists. She was fluent in the face of numerous media interviews. Shocked four. Zoya is wearing a LANYU Haute Couture dress, and her dress is white and snowy. At the party, she sang the song “Next Station Day”, which made her noticeable throughout the film festival. Big eyes, white skin, sweet voice and outstanding appearance conditions have made foreign media feast and shouted So beautiful Chinese girl! After the concert ended, thunderous applause and cheers were heard. Many Chinese and foreign media praised her. . In her tall figure, refined temperament, typical oriental classical beauty made her popular in the film festival, and several foreign producers have thrown olive branches to invite new films. Because Zoya’s appearance is completely inconsistent with other domestic first-line stars, and her own efforts in acting and delicate and full performance styles are also very impressive. Many Chinese and foreign professional filmmakers are full of praise for her. She conquered everyone with superior conditions of strength and appearance. Wang Zhuoya, who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, has appeared on CCTV’s three sets of Zhu Jun’s “Art Life”, telling her own unique performance experience and moving all the audience present. As the most promising and powerful new generation actor, Wang Zhuoya also shows us the infinite possibilities of Chinese film actors and Chinese films. Let us look forward to her next new work!