Li Yufen and Ke Zhendong continue to lead?

According to Taiwan media reports, Li Yufen’s recent interview mentioned that when she recorded the new song, it was December last year. At that time, it was the time when she ended the three-year relationship with Ke Zhendong. Singing this song would not hurt the scene. I think of happiness, but when I ask the happiest moment, I am greatly lost. On May 11th, she will be 33 years old and she is very rational in her face. “The decision of Taurus is to decide, and the separation will not be entangled.” He also said that he does not eat the grass, and the meaning of the words will not be combined with Ke. However, at the end of March, Ke Zhendong tracked her IG again. Did the two have a new progress? Li Yufen said with a smile that IG didn’t pay attention to it. “It’s still a friend, and it’s very normal.” Although Li Yufen is currently single, she has been with Ke Zhendong. When the dog “Sun” is sent, she is in a relationship of “life-long” for each relationship. She also admits that girls, regardless of their independence, want to be taken care of, and she still has expectations for love, facing the future. The feelings look at the fate, and will not deliberately limit the age of the contact person, and she has many people around her who can go to the movies and eat alone, but she emphasizes that “it is really only a good friend.” Li Yufen at this stage “Self” is the most important thing. I want to maintain my posture by sports and heavy training. I am most satisfied with my 23-inch waist. She also shares the secret skills of freezing age. I keep my own red jujube tea every day to maintain good looks. Before makeup and before going to bed, I will use it. The props push the face to repair. As for the invasive plastic surgery, she “has no idea at the moment.” And her high EQ response, which has been repeatedly sent to plastic surgery, “will not care about being plasticized.” She didn’t care about the troubles since she went out. She even told her that she was not in harmony with Guo Xuefu. She said faintly, “We really don’t have anything. It’s what everyone thinks.” Moreover, “I have to care too much about things. Still have to pass.” This article comes from the star network, please indicate the source!