How to eat emergency contraception

The so-called emergency contraceptives are used in the most urgent circumstances. Generally speaking, women may be considered for accidental injury or unprotected life for other reasons, or contraceptive failure such as condom breakage, slippage and incorrect calculation of safety period. Take emergency contraception. Please click to view [full set of pictures] Generally effective within 72 hours after sex, if you have sex during the medication period, then recalculate. Healthy women of childbearing age should be applied within 72-120 hours after sexual life after pregnancy. The sooner they take the better, the higher the failure rate is more than 72 hours. If the emergency contraceptive is eaten more, it will cause endocrine disorders, and the menstrual period will be abnormal, so that women are even less able to predict their own physiological cycle and safety period. Therefore, this will be a vicious circle. The general emergency contraceptive can only eat two or three times a year. It is very bad for women to eat at will. Emergency contraceptives can not be abused, it has many adverse reactions, irregular small amount of bleeding during medication, called breakthrough bleeding. For menstrual effects, the menstrual period is shortened, and the amount of menstruation is reduced or disappeared by the amount of menstruation. If amenorrhea occurs, the drug should be discontinued. Pigmentation, weight gain, early pregnancy response, etc., are all adverse reactions, so you must pay attention to yourself. Emergency contraceptives should not be used every month. But now many women, especially unmarried women, do not have enough protective measures before sexual intercourse, and after the event, the emergency contraceptive pill is regarded as a omnipotent magic weapon, thinking that it is natural to do everything afterwards, and it is taken repeatedly several times a month. Even when it is taken as a general contraceptive, it is often taken as an overdose, which will naturally cause damage to the health of the body. Here to remind female friends, emergency contraception includes progesterone, estrogen and progesterone receptor antagonists. When using, be sure to read the instructions and use them according to the prescribed time and drug dosage. Taking an emergency contraceptive can only protect a one-time behavior, and regular contraceptive measures must be taken in the next one-time behavior. It should also be noted that even if the emergency contraceptive is used correctly, there is a possibility of contraceptive failure. Therefore, after taking the medicine, the next menstrual period is delayed for one week, and it is still going to the hospital to check the possibility of pregnancy.