Check the hazards of emergency contraception

Many couples favor the emergency contraceptives, and they believe that emergency contraception can provide a safer guarantee for bold sex. After eating a simple one after sex, everything will be fine. In fact, the intangible harm is approaching you step by step. What are the hazards of emergency contraception? Emergency contraception is an emergency contraceptive method that can be used occasionally without protective measures, but it must not be used as a routine method of contraception. Repeated, frequent use of emergency contraceptives may interfere with inhibition of female ovulation. If taken in a short period of time, endocrine disorders may also occur, but a considerable number of women do not understand the side effects of emergency contraception, blind, long-term, large doses, resulting in reduced efficacy, menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea, may even affect normal Ovarian function. Repeated and long-term abuse of emergency contraceptives, it is also prone to accidental pregnancy, the more the number of people flow, the greater the harm, the damage to the cervix, endometrium and myometrium, and loss of fertility. Emergency contraceptives are not 100% guaranteed to be successful in contraception, and some may have contraceptive failures. The emergency contraceptive can only be taken once in a menstrual cycle, and there is no contraceptive effect on sexual life after taking the drug. Different brands of emergency contraceptives are also different in the method, frequency and description. They need to be tailored to individual circumstances and vary from person to person. If it is not abused according to the method of use, contraceptive failure, unexpected pregnancy, etc. may also occur. Xiao Bian recommended: In order to win the golden turtle, the actual version of the ceremonial bed etiquette of the eunuch is described in foreign countries. The emergency contraceptive must be used under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, and can only be used as an after-the-fact remedy, not a mainstream drug. . In Germany, South Korea and Japan, in addition to having to buy a prescription, some women need to go to the hospital. But currently in China, there is no need to prescribe a prescription for emergency contraception. In addition, the current emergency contraceptive advertisements are overwhelming, and many young women are buying because of the exaggerated propaganda of their effects in advertising. At present, the effective rate of emergency contraceptives is about 85%, which is lower than 99% of short-acting oral contraceptives and 95% of condoms, and the more frequently used in the short term, the lower the efficiency. Some insiders pointed out that the supervision of drugs such as emergency contraceptives that promote drugs as consumer products and avoid side effects of drugs is far from adequate. It is recommended that the relevant departments first manage the emergency contraceptives, for example, as prescription drugs, and at the same time pay close attention to the training of pharmacists. After a few years, wait until all pharmacists can accurately consult the contraceptive and return it to over-the-counter. The “72-hour” emergency contraception in the advertisement means that it must be taken within 72 hours after sex, the later it takes, the effect The worse. However, many women mistakenly believe that they will not become pregnant as long as they have sex within 72 hours after taking the medicine. Clinically, there are many women who are unexpectedly pregnant because of this wrong medication. If a woman has taken an emergency contraceptive, she should take care to take a drug within two hours if she vomits after taking the drug. You can eat a few biscuits and drink some milk to avoid vomiting. If excessive overdose medication may lead to amenorrhea, and if the bleeding is more than 10 days, you must see a doctor promptly. If you have a family history of thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer, breast-feeding women within half a year after birth, and pregnant women, it is best to use or ban this medicine with caution. Guess what you like: Women’s fascination skills, women’s libido hot more content, please pay attention to the gender channel: