3 reasons why pregnant women have unwanted pregnancies

Unexpected pregnancy is a thing that many women have experienced, which will inevitably bring great harm to the physical and mental health of female friends. Hearing an unwanted pregnancy, the flower is eclipsed …… Staying away from unwanted pregnancies is a top priority for many female friends. Today, Xiaobian will explain the three main reasons for the unexpected pregnancy of female friends. Young and uninformed – daughter has been pregnant for four months. A girl’s physiological maturity is the first time she has a menstrual period, that is, menarche, her uterus has the ability to breed an embryo. However, she does not have psychological maturity, and she does not understand contraceptives and physiological knowledge. Once she has sex, the proportion of unexpected pregnancies will be high. Some mothers found that their children had abnormal weight changes and their stomachs became significantly larger before they took the children to the hospital for examination. The results showed that the children had been pregnant for 4-5 months. Early pregnancy abortion can be carried out quietly, but once it reaches the mid-term pregnancy, it needs to induce labor, almost the same as normal childbirth, it will bring great harm to the child’s psychological and physiological development. Coping methods: In addition to the school to carry out relevant knowledge education, parents should also observe the physical and psychological changes of the child. Once the child has such a situation, do not be too blame, face the child, and encourage the child to face the facts. Young friends must also cherish their bodies and avoid the consequences of curiosity and impulsiveness. Superstition Safety Period – The two bars of the university girlfriend are a dangerous period within seven days of ovulation. This time is easy to conceive. It is not easy to conceive when this time is excluded. This is the safe period we usually say. However, the safety period is suitable for women with very regular menstrual cycles. The safe period contraceptive method is very popular among college students. Some girls think that contraception is safe in safe period, but the fact is that even if you judge it accurately, its contraceptive effect is not very good. The failure rate of adopting this contraceptive method is 40%. Left and right, there are often two bars on the early pregnancy test strip that you don’t want to see. Coping method: Do not be superstitious about the safe period contraceptive method. If you use the safe period contraceptive method when you are not sure, you must take two tablets within 72 hours to remedy. The mechanism of action of the emergency contraceptive is to inhibit ovulation, increase cervical viscosity, prevent sperm from binding to the egg and hinder the implantation of the fertilized egg, thereby achieving a contraceptive purpose, high safety and reliability of 99%. Experts reminded that once the menstruation is found to be abnormal and afraid to go to the hospital, you can use the early pregnancy test paper for examination. It is best to take morning urine for examination. This is because after the pregnancy, the embryo secretes hormones, which metabolize overnight and accumulate in the morning urine. In the case, the concentration will be relatively high and the probability of discovery will be large. The rupture of condoms – the sorrow of the marriage of Feng Zi Although oral contraceptives and condoms are a common form of contraception, they are highly sought after by college students and unmarried cohabitants, but they also have a time when they fail, when they are missing contraceptives, contraception Set off The situation of falling and rupture also laid the groundwork for accidents. Some people entered the marriage hall because of accidental pregnancy, and they may be happy waiting for them, perhaps the sorrow of the marriage of Feng Zi. Coping methods: oral short-acting contraceptives and condom use are not foolproof. When a contraceptive pill is lost, condoms fall off and rupture, emergency contraception must be taken. If nausea or vomiting occurs during oral emergency contraception. Especially, vomiting within 3 hours of taking the medicine, this may indicate that the medicine has not been completely absorbed in the stomach, and must be replenished. Unexpected pregnancy not only makes many women lose their love for love and marriage, but also hurts the body and mind. I hope that young female friends should take protective measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies.