After the woman urinates, do you want to wipe it?

Concerned about women rubbing the vagina after urinating, this topic has always been controversial, some women think it is good to go with the flow, but some women insist on wiping the vagina, think that doing this cleaner is more beneficial to health! In fact, it is correct for a woman to wipe the vagina after urinating. This can avoid a series of problems. Let’s take a closer look. After the woman urinates, the process of actually urinating is also the process of excreting the toxins. By urinating, the toxins can be discharged and wiped with a paper towel to avoid the incontinence of urine. The physiological structure of women is quite special. The urethra and vagina are relatively close, and normal metabolism will occur. However, when the urination is not wiped with paper towels, bacteria and viruses will be infected into the vagina, causing diseases in reproduction and even causing gynecology. disease. Wipe to avoid the following problems – 1, to avoid the appearance of odor after the end of urination without paper towels and a place to pay attention, that is, it will cause odor in the lower body. After the end of the urination, the lower body will be in a damp state, which will be in an airtight condition. If the underwear is not changed in time, an unpleasant smell will often appear, which will make people stay away from it. Wiping with a paper towel after urinating can effectively prevent urine from remaining on the lower body and underpants, which also prevents the lower body from being in a humid environment and reduces the occurrence of unpleasant odor. 2, to avoid the increase of bacteria, there are more toxins in the urine, the toxins can be excreted through the urination, when the urinating is not wiped with a paper towel, it will cause the genitals to be wet. Many people will worry that paper towels are not safe. There will be a lot of bacteria on the paper towels. Frequent use of paper towels will cause bacterial growth. In fact, there are clear requirements for the paper towels used in the bathroom, and it will not cause the increase of microorganisms. In this case, a qualified paper towel is not likely to have an infection. Wiping with a paper towel can prevent the genitals from getting wet, and it is also very helpful for killing bacteria. 3, to avoid infection of the urinary tract after the end of urination, wipe with a paper towel, is very good to protect the urethra, compared with men, women’s urethra is shorter, which is easy to cause bacterial infection. There are toxins in the urine. Even if you urinate, it will cause some urine to be completely discharged, not to mention that some women will suffer from symptoms of urinary incontinence. Insufficient urine can cause urine to accumulate in the urethra, and excessive toxins can cause great infection to the urethra. Wiping with a paper towel after urinating can prevent the occurrence of urine dripping, so that the urethra does not cause infection, and it is also good for common urinary diseases. Prevention. The urethra reduces the chance of infection and does not endanger the vagina, which can prevent the occurrence of common vaginal diseases such as vaginitis. Most women like to carry toilet paper when they go to the toilet, which is because most women have such habits, so many toilets now prevent toilet paper. For the majority of women, wiping the vagina can protect the basics of private parts. Hygiene, we must not give up this good habit. Of course, when choosing a tissue, it is also recommended to choose some paper of better quality. After all, it is intimate contact with the private parts.