Man’s foreskin problem is easy to cause harm

The foreskin is a man born with birth, but some people can develop normally, does not affect the sexual intercourse and urinary, and the abnormal development will become too long or over the foreskin, which affects the normal functioning of physiological functions. In real life, the phenomenon of excessive foreskin is too long. When men are erect, there will be cases of foreskin pain and even tearing. Experts say that the foreskin is too long and the phimosis is a small lesion in male diseases, but the widespread incidence makes it common, and it is harmful, can not be underestimated, patients with too long prepuce after urination, the last few drops Urine is not easy to drain, often accumulate in the foreskin, combined with the foreskin, glans surface necrotic cells and secreted mucus material, rectal perineal pollution and reproduction, etc., it is easy to form a white film in warm and humid environment Like a substance – smegma. If smegma is not thoroughly cleaned for a long time, it will stimulate the foreskin and glans, and eventually lead to other diseases, such as foreskin balanitis, foreskin stones, leukoplakia formed by foreskin pigmentation, induced premature ejaculation and penile cancer, local long-term existence. Inflammation, immune dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, genital warts, etc. are more likely to be infected by unclean sexual intercourse. According to relevant statistics, the prevalence of patients with prepuce is several times higher than that of normal people. The phimosis is more harmful. In severe cases, the phimosis can be incarcerated, causing local blood circulation disorder, causing ischemic necrosis of the distal end of the incarcerated part, which can cause serious consequences. The problem of foreskin phimosis not only affects the health of the male itself, but also affects the lover. The foreskin phimosis can bring the pathogen into the vagina of the woman through sexual contact, which can cause vaginitis and cervicitis. Long-term stimulation can also induce vaginal cancer. Directly threatening life. Therefore, men with too long prepuce should go to the hospital for surgery as soon as possible. For circumcision. For the uninflamed foreskin is too long, as long as the foreskin is often turned upside down, there is no need for surgery. Friendly Tips: There is no healthy male with too long prepuce, but also pay attention to health work during sexual intercourse, it is best to wear a condom. You can use the supreme ultra-thin condom, which is as light and thin as hair. It will not have a barrier feeling after wearing, which can make men and women deeply experience the most real skin friction and happiness. At the same time, it can block the spread of bacteria and prevent the dirt in the foreskin from entering the vagina. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: