Does the man have menopause?

Does the man have menopause? Is there a question for men who have menopause? The answer given by modern medicine is yes, that is, men have menopause, and when men enter menopause, they must also undergo necessary conditioning and treatment. Avoid complications. Below, we will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of male menopause. As the pressure continues to increase, many men between the ages of 45-55 have experienced inattention, lack of confidence in their work, weakened work ability, poor memory and strain, and dealing with indecisive symptoms. In recent years, the medical community has not stopped menopausal controversy, but more and more scholars have been inclined to accept the fact that men also have menopause. Men also experience an unusual period of transition from middle-aged to old-aged, currently known as middle-aged men with androgen partial deficiency syndrome. The main cause of menopause is due to the decline in the level of male hormones. But male menopause is more controversial than female menopause. One reason is that women have obvious menopause during menopause, and men have no similar signs of menopause. It is precisely because there are no obvious signs of male menopause that the experts have no controversy about men. Experts have shown that human aging and gonadal function are closely related. Males between 45 and 55 years old or sooner or later will have a slow deterioration of testicular function, which often occurs before the aging of other organs, hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal gland. Problems such as sexual function are related to testicular aging. Although the change of physiological function will not appear until the age of 50, the subjective feeling of sexual dysfunction is much earlier, which is the inconsistency between self-perception and clinical symptoms. In addition, experts also warned everyone, in fact, it is not important to recognize whether men have menopause. What matters is the health of people. If the patient has symptoms of menopausal syndrome, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately. There is no controversy about whether men have menopause. Modern medicine is more concerned with men’s menopause conditioning and treatment. Men should pay more attention to these aspects in their lives. Don’t let men Menopausal symptoms affect normal life. For more information, click on Feihua Health’s gender topic: