Does kissing private parts have an impact on health?

Kissing is a very instinctive and intimate expression of the human body, especially the kissing between couples. It is easy to shorten the physical and mental distance between each other and make the relationship stronger. Gender health experts have recently pointed out that many couples like to kiss each other’s reproductive organs in the process of sexual life. Although this has a certain sense of excitement, health risks still need attention. Only by protecting your body can you better spend the rest of your life with your loved ones. Therefore, maintaining good sexual habits is very important for couples. Many people are used to kissing their privacy while making love. So, is this habit good? Does it have any effect on health? A US survey found that although 75% of married women had kissed privately, 45% of women were difficult to accept this caress, either because of jealousy or because they were unhappy. In short, it is impossible for all women to like it. If you want to achieve sexual harmony, the most important thing is to communicate between them to achieve mutual understanding and ultimately have a pleasant experience with each other. In addition, private kissing is also a health hazard for men. For tonsils, this behavior is more harmful than smoking and drinking, and is more likely to cause cancer. In addition, human papillomavirus (hpv) is a common sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer and can also spread between the mouth and the genitals, especially for those who have active sex and many sexual partners. The risk is higher. The incubation period of the virus is uncertain, and sometimes cancer is diagnosed decades after infection. Therefore, Xiao Bian advises couples not to forget to ensure the physical and mental health of both parties when pursuing excitement or enjoying the pleasure. If you really can’t refuse this kind of behavior, at least do a good job of cleaning before making love, you can reduce the risk of infection, etc. Sex is sacred. How to have perfect sex is everyone’s wish. So what should we pay attention to when making love? 1. Personal hygiene: This is the attention link for sexual intercourse. Pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent diseases and improve sexual intercourse index. Both men and women are used to cleaning their genitals on time. 2. There is no sex during menstruation: sexual intercourse between menstruation can cause genital inflammation. It is recommended not to have sex during menstruation. three. Control the number of hobbies: When we are young, when we have strong sexual desire, we should control the frequency. We should pay attention to abstinence. If you are weak, tired, and uncomfortable, you must suppress your emotions, such as back pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, and so on. This is an introduction to good habits and preventive measures. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding and hope to help you.