What can a man not do with a woman?

When you are in love, some feelings can’t extricate themselves. Sometimes the most ruthless person in the world is his favorite person. If a man really falls in love with a woman, then love is crazy. What does a man do when he can’t put down a woman? First of all, I want to know her news through various channels. A woman can’t let a man forget that no matter how much time is passed, a man can’t help but want to know everything about this woman. If there is a common friend, he will involuntarily ask her about the current situation and want to know if she is doing well and whether there is a new way of relationship. In fact, what they most want to know is whether she still has him in her heart. Second, I always want to contact her, but I am afraid that I will not let go of her for various reasons. Men always want to find various reasons for contact. They will keep the contact information of women, and often pay attention to the dynamics of her circle of friends. Posting a comment or speech, has been looking for a variety of contact reasons, such as what to do on holidays, he will send a text message to ask her. So when a man often wants to contact a woman without courage, he can’t let go of this woman. Third, as long as a woman needs him, he will always be there. A man can’t let a woman go, so when a woman needs him, he will help her. As long as a woman needs him, he will get there as soon as possible. No matter what you need, once the request is made, he will immediately reach the woman, because the person he loves needs him, so it is worth it. When a man can’t put a woman in his heart, he will always be free as long as the woman needs it. Fourth, keep some souvenirs. When a man can’t put down a woman, even after breaking up, he will leave the thing that the woman gave him, and will not throw it away. He occasionally took them out to see. Because he can’t stand the fact that he has broken up, some people will even keep these things at home, as a woman is still living in fantasy. Sometimes some of his passwords also use a woman’s birthday, because this woman used to be his favorite, although he left, but accompanied him in another form. Fourth, after finding a new girlfriend to break up, he can no longer find a girlfriend. Maybe sometimes they will be indifferent. But in fact, they don’t want to admit that they can’t forget. Men sometimes like to say “yes” or “no”, but they are not really looking for it because they think they can’t make room for the second woman in their heart. Therefore, regardless of men and women, if they really love someone, they will become the eternal imprint of their hearts. It’s easy to put a person down, but it’s harder to do it. Therefore, when a man has these behaviors, he