Men and women are too long to get sick

With the development of society, there are more and more single women. Recent studies have shown that men and women who are single too long will be easily ill! Let’s take a look at it. I haven’t felt that I have been alone for too long, and I don’t feel any more about the opposite sex. I suspect that I have lost my sexual desire.” Catharine, a 31-year-old company employee, recently posted a message about her inner entanglement, saying that she has not had sex for a year and a half. Five years ago, she resolutely cut off the university love because her boyfriend “stolen.” She had a good condition at first, but she did not expect that the “sexual window” would last for so long. At the beginning of the breakup, she also actively sought out new love, but she encountered some unreliable men, which gradually made her lose confidence in love. “Now I don’t think it’s necessary to establish a spiritual or physical relationship with a dissident male, because I can’t get pleasure from the relationship with him, and I don’t bother to release my desire.” Catharine said that sometimes I feel that there is no man, free to Traveling, shopping, enjoying life, I am very happy, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, crying silently against the four walls. What has troubled her recently is that she is getting more and more bored when she sees someone on Weibo. Her message is also bluntly replied, “Go and find a partner.” “Don’t I really become a bitter because of the ‘sexual window period’?” Catharine said, I don’t want to affect my physical and mental health. Many netizens have commented that some people think that “female singles will get depression for too long.” Some people are sympathetic to each other, saying that men are actually “Sagittarius” for a long time, and there are many problems. “It may lead to premature ejaculation in the future.” Women: Different from person to person, it may not be sad to remind women that they will really be because of “sexual window” and ” Sexual waiting period is too long to suffer from depression? Experts believe that it cannot be generalized. “This is related to women’s attitude towards sexual experience.” She said that in fact, women from the beginning of puberty, affected by estrogen, have different degrees of yearning for the opposite sex and sexual life, which is also a normal sexual psychological process. If a woman’s previous sexual experience is not wonderful, or even disgusted with her, then the “sexual window” will not make her feel difficult and sad. However, if you have experienced the climax before, there will be a strong desire for the opposite sex in the “sexual window”. Some women who are emotionally sensitive and have little ability to withstand external stress may develop anxiety and depression. In the long run, they tend to develop depression.